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What New Speakers Will Sonos Announce Next?

Sonos has already announced several new speakers and an entry-level soundbar in 2022. But with fresh links to a "Sub Mini," what else is on the horizon?

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Tucker Bowe

Sonos had a big 2021. It launched its first every ultra-portable portable speaker, the Roam, as well as what is arguably the best affordable Dolby Atmos soundbar you can buy in the Beam (Gen 2). It a long-term commitment to making more sustainable products. And, on a personal note, it announced a partnership with the best soccer football team in the world: Liverpool FC. (It also raised the prices of many of its most popular speakers and audio components, but we're staying positive here.)

That said, 2022 is off to a cracking start as Sonos already announced a bunch of new hardware and services. There's the Roam SL, a cheaper and mic-less version of its ultra-portable speaker. There's the Sonos Ray, a new entry-level soundbar that costs $279. The Roam is now available three new vibrant colors: olive, wave (light blue) and sunset (orange). And it launched Sonos Voice Control, a smart assistant that is specially suited to control music and your various Sonos speakers.

Of course, 2022 could be a bigger year still for Sonos. It's rumored to be working on few other speakers and devices — here's what you can expect (and hope) for in the next few months.

tech roundup
Sonos already announced its first new speaker of 2022: the Roam SL. It’s a mic-less (and slightly cheaper) version of the company’s existing ultra-portable speaker.

Sonos might release a smaller, more affordable wireless subwoofer.

Likelihood: very likely

Sonos is strongly rumored to be working on a smaller, more affordable its wireless subwoofer, the Sub. This upcoming "Mini" model was spotted by name on the Sonos subreddit page in late 2021 and, as of May 2022, The Verge reportedly uncovered leaked images. The "Sub Mini" is expected to look very much like a smaller version of the current Sub (or a Sonos Move with a gap in its center). There's no information about price or approximate release date of this new wireless subwoofer, but we're guessing it'll likely cost between $350 and $400 — or half as expensive as the current third-generation Sub ($749), just like the Beam soundbar is half as expensive as its Arc counterpart.

(Further context: Sonos last updated its Sub in May 2020, but only enhanced the internals and not the design.)

We might get the first Sonos headphones.

Likelihood: likely

Sonos has been linked with its own headphones for years. In fact, Bloomberg first reported that they were in the works back in January of 2019 and then, a year later, it was picked up by Protocol that Sonos had been award a patent for headphones. Well, give that Sonos has made the move to portable audio that uses Bluetooth recently, thanks to Move and Roam, these headphone rumors are only heating up in 2022.

A lot is still unknown about Sonos's potentially-upcoming headphones. They could potentially support both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, just like Roam, so that you could take them with you while you travel or potentially listen to higher-resolution audio when at home. As for price, Bloomberg is suggesting that they'll cost somewhere in the $300-range.

In May 2022, Sonos announced the Ray, a new entry-level soundbar that will cost $279. It’s expected to ship in early June.
Tucker Bowe

Sonos is working on a pair of wireless earbuds, too.

Likelihood: somewhat likely

Sonos is rumored to be working on a set of true wireless earbuds, too. A patent was discovered in February 2021 that showed a pair of wireless earbuds with a unique long-and-flat (wedge-shaped) design and a silicone eartip for fit. The other unique thing about the patent is it shows a unique symmetrical charging case that houses the earbuds at either end of its body. (T3 has article that shows a sketch of these earbuds and charging case.) Like the rumored wireless headphones, not a lot else is known about these potentially upcoming wireless earbuds.

Sonos could revive the Play:3 speaker.

Likelihood: not likely

Ever since Sonos officially discontinued the Play:3 in 2018, there's been a little bit of a gap in its offerings — it's a big jump from the $199 One SL to the $549 Five. It would be awesome if Sonos revived this Goldilocks speaker, giving it a nice redesign and maybe support for a voice assistant or even a line-in connection (for a turntable). Unfortunately, there have been little rumblings of Sonos releasing a new "Three" speaker, but given that the company is trending towards smaller speakers (with the Roam and rumored Sub Mini), you should've give up all hope just yet.

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Additionally, Sonos has already announced that you can buy the Roam, its ultra-portable speaker, in three new colors. They cost $179, or the exact same price as the traditional black and white models.

We want to see the first Sonos turntable...but we probably won't.

Likelihood: not likely

We'd love for Sonos to finally make its own turntable. The company has a dedicated "Turntables" section on its site where it sells Pro-Ject turntables and bundles with its Five speaker (the only Sonos speaker with a line-in connection), but we think it's due time for Sonos to give us a turntable of its own. It could have a built-in preamp and be integrated with a wireless receiver (like the Sonos Port) so anybody could plug it in and listen to vinyl on any of their Sonos speakers.

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