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How to Properly Use AirPods Pro on Your Mac

There’s no Control Center on your Mac, so how do you toggle between noise-canceling and transparency modes on your AirPods Pro? It’s easy.


The experience of using AirPods Pro on a Mac is a little different than on an iPhone. You can’t adjust volume or toggle between noise-canceling and transparency modes in the same way because there’s no Control Center on your Mac. That said, you can still do it and it’s still fairly easy.

The first and most important step is to make sure that both Bluetooth and volume controls are appearing on your Mac’s menu bar, which is the everpresent bar in the top-right corner of your desktop. If you can’t see them (typically it just displays the battery, Wi-Fi and the time), open the Settings app and make sure that the little box is checked in the “Bluetooth” and “Sound” sections.

After connecting your AirPods Pro to your Mac, toggling between noise-canceling and transparency modes can be done in two different ways. The easiest is to click the volume control button now located on your Mac’s menu bar, finding your AirPods Pro in the drop-down menu and choosing between the three modes: off, noise cancellation and transparency.

You can also program your AirPods Pro so that if you hold down the right or left stem, it’ll switch between noise cancellation and transparency modes. To do this, select the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and select “Open Bluetooth Preferences” at the bottom of the dropdown menu. A separate window will appear. You’ll then want to select the “Options” button adjacent to your AirPods Pro. You can then customize the controls of your AirPods Pro. This is a good option for people who want to quickly switch between modes.

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