Your Next Purchase: A Better Dress Watch

If you’re one to sweat over the details, upgrade your formal attire with the right timepiece.

Henry Phillips

While you can get away with wearing just about any watch with a suit, if you’re one to sweat over the details then it might be time to rethink your wrist-wear come your next formal event. So what makes a good dress watch? Unlike a dive watch or a field watch, which have pretty cut-and-dry requirements (water resistance and legibility, respectively), it’s a little unclear. Many folks suggest going for something thin that’ll easily slide under your shirt cuff. As for complications, they’re fine; but because you’re wearing something to complement your attire, simplicity is something to strive for. And that’s pretty much it — from there, look for an aesthetic that works for you. But should you still be unsure of what to get, read on: we’ve amassed some of our favorite dressy watches of the last year.

A Customizable Dress Watch for the Casual Generation

Martenero’s take on the dress watch is perfect for the new generation of the workforce donning smart casual in lieu of business suits.

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5 Classy Dress Watches Under $1,000

Think of a dress watch. Imagining anything you can afford? Truth is, our idea that dress watches need be luxury items is way off. These five fit our new definition: watches that jive with both formal wear and greasy fast food binges.

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The Small, Square Watch Is Back and It’s Perfect

The NOMOS Tetra is only 29mm, but it’s square — and for looks and style on your wrist, that makes all the difference.

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The Art of the Ultra-Thin Watch

The best thin watches for men come in at less than 10mm and are dressy, comfortable and incredibly well engineered.

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In Bulgari’s Octo, a New Sleeper Classic

Gérald Genta’s overlooked design is a watch full of contradictions. And that’s a good thing.

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An Endorsement for the Groom Watch

Buying the groom-to-be a watch as an engagement gift is a new tradition. If you aren’t sure what to get him, consider one of these six.

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Germany’s Most Sought-After Watchmaker Has a New Entry-Level Timepiece

At $14,800, A. Lange & Söhne’s downsized dress watch is an affordable and beautiful entry point to Germany’s storied watch brand.

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