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Hodinkee Is Holding Its Own Prime Day Just for Watch Lovers

And it includes 10 pre-owned Rolex watches at retail price.

man wearing a rolex on his wrist
Hodinkee Shop

Like a hobbit's second breakfast, this year, somewhere between Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday / Cyber Monday come yet more "retail holidays." Yes, this week is Amazon's second Prime Day in 2022 — and Gear Patrol is, of course, the place to find all the best deals. But as Prime Day has seeped into wider retail culture, it's influencing other sites as well; the website Hodinkee is having an event of its own the same week as Amazon's second big day, too, just for all the watch nuts out there — and it's today.

You can find some fun watches on Amazon, sure, but Hodinkee is bringing the horological interest at a higher level. As a destination for watch content as well as a dedicated shop, the Hodinkee event will involve a sale of 10 percent off pre-owned watches and watch accessories, the site's top 10 videos highlighted — and the main event: 10 pre-owned Rolex watches priced at their original retail value.

In case you weren't already aware, scarcity, demand and a web of other factors make the chance to buy a used Rolex watch at its original retail price something to perhaps get excited about. This is the (watch) world we live in.

Which Rolex models they are will be announced via the Hodinkee newsletter. (Note that the Rolex Submariner in the image above is only for illustrative purposes.) Then, one will be available to buy every hour at 10 minutes after the hour.

The first of its kind for Hodinkee, the event is taking place online today, October 10th, 2022, and is called Hodinkee 10/10, a reference to the 10:10 position watch hands are commonly set in photographs.


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