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As of this year, Amazon is estimated to have over 153 million active Prime members on the books, which is even more than the 50-million jump to 150 million during the middle of the pandemic last year. Furthermore, more people are shopping online today than ever before — with some forecasts suggesting that, in the US alone, e-commerce could eclipse the $1 trillion valuation mark and global estimates closer to $5.5 trillion.

While that might sound daunting and even a little scary, there are some massive positive sides, as well. For starters, that means that shopping online is more convenient, approachable, and widely available than ever before. It also means that, when major shopping holidays come around, more retailers than ever are trying to get in on the action — and that means more and deeper savings for you, the consumer.

Prime Day is one such holiday, and this year's happened on July 12 and 13. But Amazon has, as we expected, slated a second Prime Day for October 11-12 being dubbed Amazon Prime Early Access Sale. While there are plenty of reasons already to have an Amazon Prime membership — including free expedited shipping on hundreds of thousands of items, access to Prime Video and Amazon Music, discounts at Whole Foods and so much more — Prime Day itself is, for some, reason enough for the yearly investment. That's because some of the deepest discounts of the year, some even rivaling the upcoming Black Friday, are available.

Of course, it's a practical impossibility for any one person to be able to take advantage of all that Prime Day has to offer. But we do have some good news: if you bookmark this page and check back in regularly, we load it with resources if they become available — including the deals themselves — so you can make the most of the second Prime Day 2022 and get your holiday shopping started early.

What Is Prime Day?

Launched back in 2015, Prime Day originally functioned as a kind of clearance sale, allowing Amazon to get rid of its old inventory to make way for new and seasonal stuff while giving some great discounts to its members. Now, however, it has morphed into a kind of two-day super-sale that has eclipsed its original purpose, with 2021's sale accounting for an estimated 255 million items sold over the course of just two days. That also equates to consumer savings in the realm of $1 billion dollars or more.

Furthermore, Prime Day also functions as a great time for some smaller merchants to get their products in front of an extremely large crowd, with the Small Business Promotions funded entirely by the retail giant itself. And that makes it nearly as good an opportunity for retailers as it is for members.

When Is Prime Day?

Although we already had a Prime Day on July 12 and 13 of this year, Amazon is doubling its efforts and getting ahead of the holiday shopping season with a second Prime Day on October 11-12 and calling it Amazon Prime Early Access Sale. It's a historic double dip Prime Day but also gives a Prime Day in October again after it was shifted there in 2020 during the pandemic. If you're hoping to score some early holiday gifts (and we advise doing so this year as supply chains could still be an issue), this could be a great opportunity to save.

What Kind of Deals Will There Be?

It's always difficult to say with any precision exactly what kind of deals will be available on Prime Day, as they're often so wide-ranging. However, there are a few things you can expect to see based on years past. For instance, Prime Day is always a great opportunity to pick up some consumer electronics, like headphones and televisions — with major brands including Sony, Samsung and more usually making appearances.

It's also typically a great time to pick up everyday carry gear, like pocket knives from Gerber and Kershaw. And, perhaps obviously, it's one of the best times to get your hands on some of Amazon's in-house brands, including (but not limited to) Kindle, Ring, Amazon Basics (clothing, home goods, office supplies, etc.) and more.

It's also worth noting that, because Prime Day has been so successful for Amazon, many of the brand's competitors have also tried to get in on the action, offering comparable sales (though typically not as robust). Walmart is one of the biggest names when it comes to Amazon Prime Day alternative sales, but others include Nordstrom, Wayfair, Huckberry and perhaps even Target (though this is hardly an exhaustive list). Then, there are smaller brands, some with a presence on Amazon (and some of our favorite DTC brands), that may be offering sales direct on their own sites — and we'll have those noted here, as well.

The Best Early Prime Day Deals

Prime Day volume two hasn't quite arrived yet — remember: it's happening October 11-12 — but that doesn't mean there aren't some great early deals happening right now. In fact, we've rounded up a bunch of the best of the ones you can shop right now from the Prime Early Access Sale, in case the actual sales event is just a bit too far away.