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Three Affordable Vintage Omega Watches from the ’70s

If you’re not familiar with the joys of inexpensive vintage Omega watches, here’s a great selection to start with.

Watch Steez

Omega is one of the most well-known and prestigious names in luxury watchmaking, with an incredible history that includes the development of icons like the Moonwatch but also a wide range of popular models. Omega is one of the brands whose name carries real weight and implies quality. That’s why it’s so fun and exciting to find vintage Omega watches that are still relatively affordable, and there’s a great variety of them out there.

Naturally, popular models like the Speedmaster (in its various forms) are going to be priced to reflect the strong market enthusiasm for them. But a range of dress watches and more obscure examples can be found in the three-figure range that still offer a lot of value and an entry point to the brand.

Omega Seamaster Automatic


What We Like: With an uncommon octagonal case matched to a classic dial, this Seamaster from the 1970s has a unique look. That angular shape should help it wear a bit more prominently as well, but measuring 35.5mm across, it shouldn’t feel too small on modern wrists. Inside, the watch is powered by the Omega 1020 automatic movement with day and date functions. It’s dressy but a little different, and sure to stand out in an understated way.

From the Seller: Watch is all original, recently serviced and running smoothly.

Buy Now: $699

Omega Genève Calendar 1061


What We Like: Watches like this 9k solid gold model with wide thin bezels allow the dial to be more prominent and therefor often wear a bit larger than a 33.5mm diameter might suggest. This one’s thin, too, partially thanks to the Omega 1030 manually wound movement. The gold case and accents paired with a silver dial give it a two-tone look and is sure to channel your inner Don Draper.

From the Seller: Fantastic original condition overall with only minor honest signs of wear consistent with age and light use.

Buy Now: $895

Omega 135.0051


What We Like: A vintage Omega dive-style watch with a few unique features. Not only does its 35.1mm diameter promise to be wearable for a range of wrist sizes and offer a stylish retro vibe, but the light gray aluminum bezel matched to a white/silver dial gives it a fresh but unusual look. It’s got an Omega 601 hand-wound movement inside and comes on a steel bracelet.

From the Seller: Everything on the watch is original to it, including the bracelet. Professionally serviced and ticking good.

Buy Now: ~$935

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