Today in Gear: June 29, 2017

An award-winning lager, a new Maserati, a luggage storage service and more.



Good morning. In an era of DJs, the electric guitar has suffered. Annual sales of six-strings have dropped by a third in the past decade and without axe men like Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page dominating the charts young musicians are buying software to make music instead of instruments. But there is a glimmer of hope in an unlikely hero: Taylor Swift.

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Today’s Gear

What’s New, Now

Devils Backbone Vienna Lager


This award-winning lager is brewed in Virginia — an adventure in bottle form. It’s an amber-colored, approachable, 5.2% ABV beer without bitterness that drinks light, having been lagered for five full weeks. Moreover, the beer has won GABF medals four times and has twice earned a World Cup Beer Award. Featuring “notes of mild, toasted and caramel flavors,” the Vienna Lager is drinkable, homegrown and highly drinkable year-round — something we’re happy to toast to.

Learn More: Here

Hendrick’s Petite Garnisher


If you’re serious about your cocktails, you should be serious about the garnishes you adorn them with. So if you’re planning on crafting yourself a refreshing gin and tonic this summer, or an Al Fresco Spritz, why not up the ante with a perfectly sliced eighth-inch cucumber wheel, cut from a handmade contraption reminiscent of Victorian England?

Preorder Now: $200

2018 Maserati Gran Turismo


Italy’s most well-known masterpieces are tied together by high, unpsoken standards. Most people think of a fresco on a chapel’s ceiling, or a carefully prepared sauce, or, if you’re a gearhead, the reimagination of an automotive classic. The 2018 Gran Turismo continues the story of Maserati’s first car built for the road over the racetrack, and in doing so meets those lofty standards set long ago.

Learn More: Here

New York Times Super ‘T’ Sweatshirt


According to our current President, The New York Times is failing; this slim-fitting, black-on-black cotton crewneck begs to differ. It’s a paradoxically bold yet subtle statement sewn into the sleeve of a news institution getting in touch with its lifestyle sensibilities, and there isn’t anything #fake about that giant scripted “T.”

Buy Now: $55

Knock Knock NYC Luggage Storage Service


When you’re traveling, there’s always that awkward space of time before check-in in which you’d like to get out and explore but are still encumbered by luggage. And then there are those post-work events that you don’t want to drag your backpack to, or dinners at restaurants without storage space for armloads of shopping bags. Enter Knock Knock. It’s the Uber of bag checks.

Learn More: Here

Balenciaga Underwear Set


Fashion designers are known for creating strange and intriguing articles of clothing that, when presented to the general populace, often result in confusion rather than inspiration. Balenciaga’s cotton boxer set should be straightforward enough for all of us to get the idea though (if not the price tag).

Buy Now: ~$200

Scout Regalia Pencil Set


From the Gear Patrol Store: The Scout Regalia SR Pencil is a carpenter’s pencil embossed with the Scout Regalia signature and the words “Exploration, Adventure, Discovery, Recreation.” Made in the USA for outdoor work; can be knife sharpened.

Buy Now: $5

Deals of Note

Great Products, Great Prices


How to save on an Armor-Lux t-shirt, Chubo knives and Bose Soundsport Earphones.

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