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Today in Gear: How to Find Secret Deals on eBay, the Cars Owners Keep the Longest & More

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Hyundai’s Cheap, Stylish New Car Is Aimed Squarely at the Youths

Hyundai calls the all-new 2020 Venue its "urban compact SUV." Translation: it's small, stylish — and, being front-wheel-drive, should stay on the pavement.

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How to Find Secret Deals on eBay with One Easy-to-Use Tool

We all make spelling mistakes from time to time, and there's a website that can help you take advantage of that to find hidden auctions on eBay.

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5 Unknown Watches from the World’s Most Celebrated Watch Designer

Gerald Genta, designer of the Royal Oak and Nautilus watches, also designed timepieces for Rolex, Seiko and others that you've probably never seen.

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The 2020 BMW X5 M Competition Forces You to Challenge Your Preconceptions

Is the X5 M actually a better choice for most of us than the M5?

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The 11 Best New Features Coming to Your iPhone 11

Apple already announced the best new features coming to your iPhone this fall with iOS 14. These are our favorites.

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6 Canned Coffees That Are Worth Stocking in Your Fridge

Canned coffee has come a long way from the sickly sweet and milk-powdered coffees of the 20th century.

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Total Luxury Spa Is Healing Its Community Through Streetwear

For Los Angeles streetwear brand Total Luxury Spa, design begins with the local community.

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The 10 Awesome Cars That Owners Keep Longer Than Others

These are the cars owners can't bear to part with. Some automotive icons round out the Top 10.

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How a 100-Year-Old Company Is Still a Cornerstone of Modern Hi-Fi

Not a lot of turntable manufacturers make their own cartridges. Instead, many chose to partner with Ortofon.

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These Crazy New Watches Marry Bold G-Shock Style and Colorful Japanese Anime

Two new Casio G-Shock GA-110 are fully decked out in the animated glory of Japanimation classics One Piece and Dragon Ball Z.

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This Near-Perfect Pillow Is Going to Be Sold Out by the Weekend

Authenticity50's Custom Comfort Pillows are back in stock.

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This Limited Edition Dive Watch Is Packed With ’60s Panache

The newest release from French watchmaker Yema resurrects the very first Superman dive watch from 1963.

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Ford Will Offer Bronco Buyers a Very Cool Off-Roading Perk

We know the new Bronco will do more than look the part off the pavement, and Ford is prepared to help their buyers make the most of that capability.

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The Best Part of Your Summer Will Be This Tough Inflatable Swimming Pool

Mylle's inflatable swimming pool is the perfect summer accessory for those with small outdoor situations and an eye for design.

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Will iOS 14 Work On My Current iPhone?

The answer is yes, most likley.

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This Super-Lux Hummer Could Be Your New Dream Overlanding Rig

Mil-Spec is offering a new and impressive-looking Hummer H1 resto-mod build, but it won't come cheap.

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24 Great Vintage Cameras You Can Still Buy

Vintage shooters from every era still worth adding to your collection.

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The 8 Best Coffee Makers of 2020

The best coffee maker is the one that fits your kitchen, budget and style, but never compromises on excellent coffee.

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The 25 Best Coffee Roasters in America

From old-school coffee stalwarts to deep-cut competition roasters, these are the absolute best coffee roasters in America.

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The 30 Best Affordable Watches Under $1,000

From $80 to a cool grand, these are the best watches to get when you don't want to spend a fortune.

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Ever Wonder What That Extra Lace Hole on Your Gym Shoes Is For? We Found Out

Your athletic shoes likely have an extra lace eyelet, and you might not know how to use it correctly... until now.

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Fresh Deals


Hoka One One Rincon
Save 20%: At 7.7 ounces, the breathable Rincon is one of the lighter shoes in the Hoka lineup, but it’s still got plenty of bounce. It’s just one of the 45 best fitness sales and deals this week.

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Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Pattern Crew Socks
Save 30%: New socks are the easiest outdoor upgrade you can make, and just one of the many awesome gear deals ending today.

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Best Style Deals of the Week
Save 70%: All the best summer-ready style gear is on sale, like this Alex Mill henley. Check out the rest here.

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Wemo Mini Smart Plug
Save $19: The Wemo Mini is one of our favorite smart plugs of 2020. It’s a simple way to turn a previous “dumb” device, such as a floor or table lamp, or a fan, into something that you can control with your smartphone or voice.

Buy Now: $35 $16 (Amazon)Buy Now: $35 $20 (Wemo)

tstimexmilitarygear patrol 1

The Military Watch
Save 28%: Inspired by mil-spec watches from the 1970s, “The Military Watch” is an unusually colorful and attractive interpretation. Not only do you have a chance to snag one now, but the Military Watch with black dial is on sale for just $99.

Buy Now: $138 $99


10 More Deals Not to Miss
Save Big: On any given day there is an endless onslaught of great deals on the internet. We highlight the best, but there are always some that just don’t find their way to our site. Rather than let them slip by, we’ve rounded them up here for you..

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