You're Out of Time to Buy a Dodge Durango Hellcat

The 710-hp super-SUV is apparently all sold out.

2021 dodge durango srt hellcat the most powerful suv ever features a new aggressive exterior, a new interior with a driver centric cockpit and delivers 710 horsepower, shown here in reactor blue with dual silver stripes

It's safe to say that when Dodge announced last year that it would finally be cramming the Hellcat engine into the Durango, it was long overdue. After all, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has been churning out vehicles with the supercharged V8 for half a decade; indeed, it's safe to say that the Dodge brand's current status as FCA's performance brand is in large part due to the power and publicity the Hellcat creates.

Well, if you were saving up to add one of these supercharged Durangos to your garage, we have bad news: you're too late. As of January 21st, Dodge has announced that the entire run of 2021 Durango Hellcats is sold out.

This isn't a way for Dodge to do something sneaky like drum up interest for a 2021.5 Durango Hellcat, either. The brand had been clear from the start that the 710-hp SUV would be a one-year model. (Read between the lines, and it seems all but assured that's because an all-new Durango twinned with the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is coming next year to replace the current model, which has been around for a full decade.)

The news comes in spite of a report last week that Dodge had found a way to extend production a bit longer, allegedly extending the run into June. Still, that report from Mopar Insiders described the production bump as "incremental," suggesting it may have just been enough to get the numbers to the magic 2K mark.

If that seems small, well, think about it this way: the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit where the Durango Hellcat is built is not only also responsible for all those other Durango variants, it also builds that related Grand Cherokee — which means it needs to revamp itself for the new model that goes on sale this year.

That said, if you're now experiencing a case of the bummers because you won't have a chance to drop $82,490 or more on a high-performance Durango, don't sweat. The Dodge Durango SRT 392 with its 485-horsepower V8 is still very much available, and while it be around a second slower to 60 miles per hour than the Hellcat and its 3.5-second sprint, it still goes like hell, still carries up to seven people and tows up to 8,700 pounds, looks almost identical — and costs $18,000 less.


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