Ford's Most Exciting New F-150 Is Only a Year Away

Ford's product planning head has confirmed when the electric F-150 will arrive.

2021 ford f 150 tremor

The full-size truck segment is about to undergo a sea change. Electric truck options are arriving en masse, with the GMC Hummer EV, the Rivian R1T, the Tesla Cybertruck, and the Lordstown Endurance all bound for dealers. The most important of the new electric pickups will be Ford's electric F-150 — and it looks like it will arrive at dealers before the V8-powered Raptor R.

Ford had previously promised an electric F-150 by mid-2022, but the company then moved up the target to Q1 2022. And that's when it will be ready to hit the market, Ford Motor Company chief of product platform and operations Hau Thai-Tang says, according to The Detroit Bureau.

The electric F-150 will be built at Ford's Rouge Complex outside Detroit and follow the Transit EV, which is due to arrive in Q4 2021, into showrooms.

Some competitors, like Rivian, might beat Ford to the punch by a few months — but that may not matter all that much in the log run. The F-150 is America's favorite truck, after all, and has been the annual best-selling vehicle for decades. A survey of truck buyers found the idea of an electric F-150 (an idea being all they could consider, since the truck has yet to be unveiled) more appealing than the Cybertruck or any of the other similar EVs soon hitting the market.

Because Ford sells so many F-150s, even a small percentage of buyers choosing an electric one would amount to quite a few trucks. The survey noted that 39 percent of buyers planning to get a new truck would consider an electric one, and 4 percent were only planning on buying electric. If you set a benchmark of 5 percent of F-150 buyers going zero-emission, that's close to 50,000 trucks in a given year.


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