Ford's Cool New Compact Pickup Could Be Its Most Affordable Vehicle

A new report claims the Ford Maverick could start under $20,000 — which could make it FoMoCo's cheapest ride.

ford maverick leaked production shot
Maverick Truck Club

It's all but guaranteed that Ford will debut its all-new Maverick later this year, growing its vehicle lineup with the small pickup truck that should slot below the Ranger. And it seems the Maverick may end up being Ford's most affordable vehicle, period.

Ford Authority is reporting that the starting MSRP for the Maverick will limbo under $20,000; Ford's current cheapest vehicle, the EcoSport crossover, begins at $19,995.

Admittedly, we're talking about a seriously-stripped-down truck at that price point. Ford Authority believes it would have two-wheel drive (likely front-wheel-drive, in fact) and could feature cost-saving measures like a naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine and a torsion beam rear suspension setup. Previous reporting has suggested Ford could also cut costs by offering a manual transmission on that base spec version.

On top of that, destination charges and fees would likely take the Maverick's true base price north of $20,000. But that's still cheap. And Ford would be running a vehicle that looks like a good-looking, four-door Ford truck against other manufacturers' econoboxes — which would seemingly be a huge competitive advantage in today's truck-obsessed market.

Of course, you'll likely be able to spend way more than $20K if you want. Based on truck buying trends, we're guessing most buyers will end up with a leveled-up all-wheel-drive version that should share features with the Ford Escape and Bronco Sport. We've also had reports Ford plans to offer the Maverick with a more rugged Timberline trim, akin to the offerings in the Explorer and Expedition SUVs. That would give the Maverick an upgraded suspension, Pirelli Scorpion all-terrain tires, blacked-out detailing and an upgraded front fascia to improve its off-road capabilities.


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