Our Favorite Modular Camping Trailer Now Doubles As a Mobile Office

The 2021 Happier Camper Traveler now can serve as a place to work as well as relax.

happier camper traveler
Happier Camper

California-based Happier Camper is one of the brands you absolutely need to know if you're buying a camping trailer — or if you want a relatively affordable camper van conversion. Now, the company has just revealed their new 2021 edition of the Traveler — the larger, more full-service version of their base HC1 model.

Happier Camper trailers and vans offer a customizable floor plan that can vary from trip to trip thanks to their Adaptiv system, which uses modular, Lego-like blocks for its interior features and functions. The Traveler uses its 17-foot length to add a couple of fixed features, including a wet bath with a dry flush toilet and a fixed kitchenette with a dual-burner stove, sink and drawer fridge. It also comes with dual 17-gallon fresh water and gray water tanks.

Despite the added functionality, the Traveler is still super-light — another feature that we love about it. At 1,800 pounds dry and around 2,500 pounds loaded, making it towable by many compact crossovers and even some wagons, like the Subaru Outback.

happier camper trailer interior
Happier Camper
happier camper trailer interior
Happier Camper

Thanks to the the modular layout, The Traveler can accommodate a queen-sized mattress in the front or a full-sized bed in the rear. Buyers can outfit the space with a bunk bed / couch option or — fittingly, for the modern workplace that now extends everywhere — a new mobile office, much like Airstream also offers on the Flying Cloud. Happier Camper also offers mood lighting, should you be (pardon the pun) in the mood.

Worried about living with this little trailer in the sort of cold weather many of us have grappled with this year? Don't be. The Traveler's double hull fiberglass system is designed to minimize contraction and expansion and provide insulation in colder temperatures. The new Traveler is available in colors inspired by natural landscapes, including Pacific Blue, Bishop Red, Mojave Sage and Topanga Turquoise.

The base price for the Traveler is $49,950; the Premium upgrade package brings the price to $59,950. Happier Camper is currently taking orders now on their website for 2021 delivery.


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