BMW's Entire New Car Release Schedule for 2021 May Have Just Leaked

If this leak is valid, BMW has an exciting year in store for us.

bmw m3 2021 front end

The next few years will be a busy time in the car world. Automakers are simultaneously launching EVs to build their future, hybrids to meet current emissions standards, and combustion trucks and SUVs that are still paying the bills. As a result, car companies are busy as ever planning out an rush of new launches...and sometimes

In recent months, we've had leaks and reports about ambitious product schedules at companies like Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and GM. Now, we may have more information about what products BMW will launch in 2021 and 2022. As CarBuzz spotted, a user on Bimmerpost has provided what appears to be information about BMW's new product launch schedule from multiple sources.

Here's what the leak says BMW has in store for us.

tyig ev

July 2021

The leak says the all-wheel-drive versions of the M3 and M4 will go into production around this time. So will coupe (M440i), convertible (430ix, M440ix) and Gran Coupe (430i, M440ix) versions of the new 4 Series. BMW will also start building xDrive40 and xDrive50 variants of its new iX electric crossover at this time.

August 2021

Per the leak, BMW will launch the new rear-wheel-drive-based 2 Series coupe in August, with both 230i and M240i versions bound for America.

bmw i4

November 2021

According to the leak, BMW will start building the new i4 electric sport sedan, which will share a body with the combustion 4 Series Gran Coupe, in November. That sedan should provide power and performance equivalent to an electric M3.

March 2022

The leak has two vehicle variants arriving in March 2022. There will be a high-performance iX M60 electric crossover. BMW will also release the all-wheel-drive 430ix version of the 4 Series Gran Coupe

July 2022

BMW has a rival for the Mercedes EQS coming: an all-electric version of the new 7 Series. The leak says that car (and the new X1 crossover) will start production in July 2022.

bmw m3 touring wagon

November 2022

That incredibly awesome BMW M3 Touring wagon BMW isn't giving us? The leak says BMW will start building that for Europe in November 2022.

December 2022

The leak says BMW will launch the next-generation M2, which may be getting a bonkers all-electric iM2 performance version with 1,300-plus hp, in December 2022.


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