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Surprise! Toyota Will Soon Reveal 2 Badass New Tacoma Models

And judging from what we know, you're going to want one even more.

toyota tacoma tires

For Toyota, June 2021 is set to be a month filled with multiple new product announcements. We're betting one of them is an unveiling of the all-new Tundra full-size pickup...but now we also know that won't be the only truck update Toyota has in store. The brand just released a teaser image of another upcoming announcement that has us incredibly excited: two new editions of the Tacoma for the 2022 model year.

The carmaker didn't offer many details about the new Tacos: all Toyota told us is that there are two of them, and they will be adventure-ready. The photo also shows they will both run on Goodyear Wrangler Territory AT tires. There'll be more news to come on June 2.

Don't expect Toyota to make any comprehensive changes to the Tacoma before the next generation arrives in 2024 (even if we would race to dealers to buy a hybrid version). The current formula works. The truck is more popular than ever; one could argue the Tacoma is, at least judging by segment domination, the most successful vehicle sold in America. And despite several competitors offering newer models Toyota's only problem with the current truck is building enough of them to meet demand.

Making an educated guess without inside knowledge, we'd suspect it will be two new Tacoma trim levels with additional off-road goodies — somewhere between a superficial style upgrade and the extensive mods that Subaru made for the Outback Wilderness. The rims suggest a fancy TRD version and a cheaper trim that brings just the off-road tech at a lower price point.

What other car launches could Toyota have coming next week? Well, a lot. Toyota reportedly has two new Lexus-branded SUVs coming, a flagship off-roader and a high-volume three-row family SUV. There's a purported Corolla crossover coming as well. Toyota still hasn't cleared up that enigmatic statement about the new Land Cruiser. And, hey, that page all but promising Americans a new GR-branded Toyota hot hatch is still live.


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