This Electric Truck & Tent Camping Duo Is Our New Obsession

Alpha Motor's Wolf and Heimplanet's Cloudbreak could be the ideal zero-emissions overlanding setup.

alpha motor
Alpha Motor

When we think of electric trucks these days, we tend to think of mighty, hulking brutes with big bodies to contain their burly batteries: the Ford F-150 Lightning, the GMC Hummer EV, the Rivian R1T. But as many a true overland enthusiast can tell you, when you're on the trail, sometimes size can be a liability. Tight turns and narrow gaps are often unavoidable, and when they confront you, you'll want your off-roader as teeny as possible.

Or, in other words, you'll want something like Alpha Motor Inc.'s pint-sized AMC Wolf. And now, to further increase its droolability quotient with overlanders, Alpha Motor is teaming up with outdoor gear maker Heimplanet to create one of the coolest truck-and-tent combos we've ever seen.

The Wolf + Cloudbreak combination starts with the compact AMC Wolf+ pickup. At 203 inches long, it's smaller than a Ford Ranger and just slightly larger than a Ford Maverick, yet it packs room for four people and a 65-inch truck bed. Front- or all-wheel-drive are available, along with a range of 250-275 miles.

Once you park, however, that's when the Cloudbreak comes into play. It pops up into a commodious space that stretches over the truck's bed, enabling you to access it for storage, sleeping or whatever else. (We presume the production version will offer some sort of additional waterproofing for that area.) On the other end, there's what amounts to a covered patio that offers additional fresh air.

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How much will this all run you? Well, that's still to be determined. AMC reportedly says the base version of the Wolf runs around $36,000, but seeing as how they haven't delivered any yet, it's all theoretical until they start reaching the streets. Still, we're hoping this is one piece of vaporware that manages to materialize.


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