This Awesome Electric Camper Van Is for Sale...But We Can't Buy It Yet

And it sort of looks like a London taxi.

levc electric camper van

Camping is an excellent way to commune with nature. But it comes with a bit of guilt. Whether you're building out a cool custom camper van or using a super-capable truck or SUV, the vehicle you use to get out there isn't great for the environment. There aren't great electric options out there yet. And, even if there were, the charging infrastructure likely isn't there to support them.

levc electric camper van

However, as Autoweek recently spotted, London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) — builders of the new London Electric Taxi — are now offering a solution to that conundrum, a camper van version of their VN5 electric van, the VN5 e-camper. They are calling it "the world's first electric camper van."

That said, we'd probably term it a range-extending plug-in hybrid, not a true electric car. It offers a pure EV range of 60 miles, with the range extender delivering up to 304 miles of total range. Consider it the green camper van of your dreams...if your dreams involve a van that looks a lot like a London taxi.

The van itself will remind you of a classic VW camper van. Features include sleeping room for four with the bench seat folding into another bed, a pop-top roof for extra standing height, a folding table and a kitchenette that can run on electric power. LEVC will offer a range of colors and a selection of racks to suit your outdoor gear of choice.

Pricing for the VN5 e-camper will start at £62,250, which is a hair under $86,000 at the present exchange rate. Deliveries — for the U.K. and Europe only — will begin in Q4 2021.

While LEVC probably won't bring the VN5 e-camper to America, don't get too bummed. We suspect some enterprising company will have a fleet of these available for Americans to travel across the Pond and rent soon enough. (Although unless you're traveling by sailboat, the plane flight probably negates the emissions benefits of using a quasi-electric camper).


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