GMC Almost Built a Bronco-Fighting SUV. Was This Going to Be It?

The old-school off-roader was reportedly in the works until 2018.

gmc off road suv sketch

As we all know by now, Ford has capitalized on the vintage off-roader nostalgia with the new Bronco, a badass, body-on-frame SUV that can go tire-to-tire with the still-iconic Jeep Wrangler. General Motors, however, took a different route; even though the old-school K5 Blazer is currently having its moment, with prices skyrocketing over the past year on Bring a Trailer, Chevy gave the Blazer nameplate to a road-going crossover.

There was, apparently, a plan to do more, however. GM reportedly had a midsize SUV to combat the Bronco, Wrangler and Toyota 4Runner in the works, which would have been a standalone SUV for GMC. But according to Muscle Cars & Trucks, the project was reportedly nixed in a 2018 product reshuffling. Now, however, the General Motors Design Instagram page has published a design sketch — from 2018 — providing what seems to be a look at what that SUV that never was could have looked like.

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The GMC SUV depicted is more muscular than an Acadia with a body-on-frame architecture, true, big tires, short overhangs for optimal off-roading and a rooftop cargo carrier suggesting some form of outdoors or overlapping application. It looks like it would have been fun.

The fact that GMC isn't building this Bronco-fighting off-roader, well, stinks. However, the vehicle's absence does not mean GMC abandoned off-roading entirely. Instead of coming at the Wrangler and 4Runner, GMC is firing above them with the new flagship Hummer EV SUT and Hummer EV SUV.

When the Hummer EVs arrive, they will be pretty much the most capable factory off-roaders on the planet. The Hummer EV SUT will deliver up to 1,000 horsepower from a tri-motor powertrain and offer up to 15.9 inches of ground clearance. It will have better approach, breakover and departure angles than a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. If the driver is so inclined, the trucks will also accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3.0 seconds in Watts to Freedom mode.

If you do prefer your off-roaders conventionally powered and...well, less Hummer-like, GMC may also have some awesome ideas on the way for its midsize pickup. The super-cool Canyon AT4 OverlandX concept may provide a glimpse into future GMC product planning.

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