The New Ford Ranger Could Share One of the Bronco's Best Traits

These inspirational images should get Americans excited.

ford ranger 2023 with off road accessories

It's safe to say that the launch of the new Ford Ranger has been confusing. Ford sells a global Ranger in Australia, Europe and more than 180 countries worldwide; Ford also offers a nearly identical Ranger in the American market — albeit with different, non-diesel powertrains. Ford launched the global version just before Thanksgiving. But because Ford doesn't comment on future products, we're now left to guess which global Ranger features will make it stateside.

ford ranger 2023 with rooftop tent
ford ranger 2023

One Global Ranger feature that should transfer over — which we have already seen Ford do in American with the Bronco — is the offer of a smorgasbord of name-brand accessories from the dealer. Ford's Australian website has just previewed such offerings with inspirational images showing the new Ranger sporting accessories from ARB and other outlets.

Ford shows three categories of inspirational images: Off-Road, Touring and Camping. The Camping category depicts Rangers with a rooftop tent and a cool slide-out camp kitchen in the bed. The Off-Road category shows a Ranger with added underbody protection, a bull bar and a snorkel. Ford should have a similar slate of offerings planned for America, if not those exact ones — Americans may not be as keen on bull bars.

Offering such accessories from the dealer is a great deal for Ford; it lets them profit from accessories buyers would add in the aftermarket anyway. But it also makes accessorizing your truck easier for buyers, by saving them the hassle of buying and installing items from a third party. When you buy accessories from Ford, you can roll them into the cost of the lease or purchase payment. And you have the assurance of knowing that your add-ons will not affect any factory warranties or safety features.

Ford has not set a date yet for the American Ranger's reveal. A recent Ford Authority article suggested that Ford Ranger production will begin at Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant in May 2023. That truck may even offer a hybrid model — or a full-electric version.


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