This Off-Road Camping Trailer Will Offer Unrivaled Versatility

If you're not in the market for an EarthRoamer, this may be the camper for you.

icc offroad camping trailer with classic land rover defender towing
ICC Offroad

It's a new year, but the world's camper manufacturers aren't wasting any time with cool new products. German manufacturer ICC Offroad, as Motor1 first spotted, is working on an exciting new off-road camping trailer called the FlexCamp. As the name suggests, it could be an ideal flexible off-road camper that suits the needs of just about everyone —or at least everyone who isn't prepared to invest in a full-on EarthRoamer or Bowlus Road Chief.

The FlexCamp offers broad flexibility. It can serve as a lightweight camping trailer, towable by a range of vehicles with a total weight of just under 4,000 pounds. The FlexCamp can also serve as a motorhome, mounted to a flatbed truck — or it can slide into a pickup truck bed to serve as a truck camper. (The split door still allows entry over the side of the truck bed.)

icc offroad camping trailer interior design
ICC Offroad

When parked, the FlexCamp expands vertically to provide standing room, and telescopes out horizontally to add flexible living space. A sleeping compartment above a storage compartment sleeps two. The opposite wall can be configured with a full kitchen. Customizable floor plans can include additional seating, another sleeping area for one or two more passengers, a dry cassette toilet, an indoor shower and a refrigerator/freezer combo that occupants can access from the interior and exterior.

ICC Offroad describes the FlexCamp as an off-road camping trailer, and it should be able to follow most off-roaders with 13.2 inches of ground clearance in towable form. The FlexCamp will offer a Truma Combi heater, an optional Truma Saphir Compact air conditioner and an optional solar power setup for those going off the grid.

The company does not offer a firm timeline for the production FlexCamp yet, only noting that development will continue through 2022. The German website does not mention pricing or potential American availability (though the FlexCamp is not tied to a specific vehicle that precludes its import).


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