Ford Could Have a Clever Overlanding Idea for the Bronco

A patent shows Ford taking one of the Bronco's coolest features and making it more practical.

2022 ford bronco in eruption green available equipment shown

It's safe to say that the new Ford Bronco lived up to the hype. One of Ford's most innovative ideas for the new SUV, however, was making customization and accessorization easily accessible; Ford provides a wide variety of factory and third-party accessory options, most of which can be installed quickly (and safely) with standard tools. And instead of paying for the add-ons up front, you can roll them into the price of your lease agreement.

ford bronco patent
ford bronco patent

One of the Bronco's coolest customization features is its easily removable fenders. You can have your rugged off-roading panels that can take a beating and slip the stock ones back on for everyday driving. And now, it appears Ford has an idea to make those removable fenders even more practical. CarBuzz has uncovered a Ford patent showing removable fenders with a versatile storage compartment.

The patent photos depict hollow fender panels with space for a small shovel and gear storage. One could see using that storage for tow straps, overlanding gear or some winter necessities. The patent notes that the space could include a step platform. The patent also describes various internal and external lighting options that could be included.

The drawings show a Ford Flex-like vehicle; however, the patent filing came days before the Bronco's public launch in July 2020, which could explain Ford not using a Bronco for the illustration. (One of the boxy panels drawings is clearly a Bronco and not a Flex, and the patent references the idea being used for an off-road vehicle with replaceable body panels. So it's clearly for the Bronco.

ford patent

Ford isn't offering these fenders for the Bronco just yet. But it feels like an idea that could show up down the road as Ford extends its Bronco offerings.


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