The Ford Maverick Could Soon Offer a Game-Changing Feature for Camping

And it could make even more sense in the very near future.

ford maverick

Ford knocked it out of the park with the Maverick, their new compact unibody pickup. It made our Best Cars to Buy in 2022 list; indeed, it has been so popular, Ford has had to shut down orders for both the hybrid and combustion versions — though you may be able to find the odd one at a dealer. But it also seems the Maverick may soon get a new feature that could be seriously cool for car camping.

ford patent
ford truck bed patent drawing

Muscle Cars & Trucks uncovered a Ford patent application for a truck bed ventilation system. The system would cycle air from the cabin into the truck bed. The patent application stipulates that the system could work with both body-on-frame and unibody pickup trucks.

Having such a system would effectively allow for a climate-control system in the truck bed. That could be helpful if you're porting sensitive gear on particularly hot or cold days. It could also be useful if you're camping with a camper shell or tent from your truck bed.

A truck bed ventilation feature would make more sense for an electric truck — wastefully idling a combustion car to provide an ambient climate in the great outdoors is more of a Lincoln buyer activity. Perhaps not coincidentally, Ford is plotting a range of electric pickups that will arrive over the next few years.

The all-new Ford F-150 Lightning will start hitting driveways this spring. Ford has been teasing the silhouette of a smaller EV pickup, which could be an electric, unibody Maverick. There's a new Ford EV truck platform arriving in 2025.


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