Toyota Is Coming After the Tesla Model 3 With a New Sedan, Report Says

But will it come to America?

toyota bz sdn concept parked with other electric car concepts in a studio

Toyota is finally pivoting toward electric vehicles. The brand has launched the bZ4X crossover in America. And late last year, Toyota unveiled an onslaught of new electric concepts arriving in the next few years, including what may be an electric Tacoma and a new Compact Cruiser EV. Autocar has more details on another Toyota EV, the bZ3, which will rival the Tesla Model 3 and may be an eventual replacement for the Corolla.

The bZ3 will be based on the bZ SDN concept unveiled last year. It will ride on the same e-TNGA platform as the bZ4X. Per Autocar, the bZ3 will launch in China as soon as 2024. And paperwork filed there revealed there will be 178 horsepower and 238 hp versions. And the sedan will have a top speed of 99 mph. The curb weights will be 3,770 lbs and 4,057 lbs. There's no word yet on the potential range.

We don't know if there are any plans for the bZ3 beyond China. But there are some reasons to believe this model may eventually make it to the United States.

Unlike other manufacturers, Toyota has remained committed to building sedans in the United States (their overwhelming market share drives companies like Ford out). The Corolla and Camry remain big sellers. And Toyota just launched the swanky and hybrid new Crown sedan to replace the departing Avalon.

And it appears Toyota's competitors see a market for an electric sedan in the United States. The Tesla Model 3 sells very well. Hyundai is bringing the Ioniq 6 to America in 2023. And Volkswagen's new sedan, the ID. Aero, will arrive stateside as well. So, it wouldn't be surprising if Toyota brought the bZ3 over.

Of course, Toyota could also argue that with Corolla and Camry Hybrids offering more than 50 mpg and starting under $30,000, there would not be much need for the bZ3.


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