Ram Is Coming After the GMC Hummer EV with an Electric 1500 TRX

The truck wars are continuing into the EV space.

ram 1500 revolution battery electric vehicle bev concept front profile

Ram unveiled the 1500 Revolution BEV concept electric pickup at CES 2023 last week. We saw some zany features like rear-hinged suicide doors and third-row seating from the concept but did not receive a lot in the way of specifics about the production electric truck — beyond some peripherals like four-wheel steering and the ability to add up to 100 miles of range in 10 minutes on a 350 kW fast charger.

But it appears we can clear up one matter: Ram will be offering an electric version of the super-powered TRX. Speaking to Motor Authority, Ram CEO Mike Koval confirmed that the electric pickup trims would track similarly to the combustion lineup through the top-of-the-line TRX version.

"We'll have something for everybody from the entry-level or what we call the Tradesmen, which is decidedly work-oriented, all the way up through our Longhorn and Limited Premium models, to the off-road king of the hill, the TRX," Koval said. Koval also noted that the electric drive modules they are developing for the Ram 1500 Revolution will be capable of higher-performance applications.

An electric 1500 TRX would obviously be off-road capable. We presume it would have a power output to rival the GMC Hummer EV SUT, though Ram is notably not claiming horsepower and torque as two of its class-leading features (the TRX version could be held for later). Ford has not committed to building an electric Raptor and we suspect the eventual one may be based on Ford's next F-Series pickup rather than the F-150 Lightning.

Koval also more or less confirmed that Ram is working on the long-awaited mid-size pickup truck.

“I fully appreciate that the biggest whitespace opportunity for our brand on a global basis is mid-size pickups,” Koval told Motor Authority. “Now, we don't have anything to announce today, but we're looking at everything, and it's our job to flesh all of these different options out and we rest assuredly are.”


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