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Upgrade Your Tailgating Game With These Awesome Items for Your Car

Football season is here, which means it’s also time for tailigating.

Jack Seemer

Football season has officially arrived, which means much of America is about to engage in one of our great national pastimes: gorging on food and beverages in stadium parking lots to avoid exorbitant prices closer to the gridiron. This practice, in case you just arrived from Mars, is referred to as “tailgating.” It’s a multifaceted affair involving food and drink preparation, seating, entertainment and charging for personal electronic devices. In other words, it requires plenty of gear.

Here, then, ae are some helpful gear and accessory suggestions you can use to up your personal tailgating game. (Sadly, we can’t do anything to help your team.)

Dometic CFX50W Powered Cooler

Your game day spread is only as good as your storage capacity and your ability to regulate temperature. This Dometic cooler has you covered. It eliminates ice from the equation. It can refrigerate and deep freeze. It can be temperature regulated via an app. It can even charge your devices. And helpfully, it’ll shut itself off before it drains your car battery.

Buy Now: $850

Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand Cradle Chairs

You’re about to spend four hours on a hard bench with a small allotment butt space. Luxuriate beforehand with these Hammaka trailer hitch suspended cradle chairs. There are no finer words when you’re looking to relax a bit after a week of heavy adulting than “easy three-piece assembly.” (Be advised: The camouflage version will cost you a bit extra.)

Buy Now: $212

Sherpa 100 AC Portable Power Bank

If there’s one mantra for our digital lives in 2019, it’s “always be charging.” That’s doubly true on game day, where you’re unlikely to encounter a USB port in the wild. This Sherpa power bank is portable and supports all manners of charging, including wireless.

Buy Now: $240

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Tailgaters enjoy listening to tunes, especially those of the team-specific pump-up variety. The Ultimate Ears Boom 3 was the Gear Patrol editors’ pick for the best portable Bluetooth speaker. Jokes about the all-new “magic button” functionality will be good fun for all involved.

Buy Now: $150

Weber Smokey Joe Premium 14-Inch Portable Grill

Weber is the biggest name in grilling with good reason: They offer a wide range of high-quality affordable products to suit every taste and need. This Smokey Joe grill is lightweight, portable and costs less than $50.

Buy Now: $45

Bulldogology Premium SUV Cargo Liner Seat Cover

You like your friends. You don’t necessarily trust them handling food and beverages around your stunning vintage Land Rover Defender. Consider the Premium SUV Cargo Liner Seat Cover from Bulldogology. It’s waterproof and washable, with a non-slip backing. If it’s good enough for a dog, it can probably handle your college buddies.

Buy Now: $68

Tailbrella Tailgate Hitch Umbrella Canopy

Umbrella stands are heavy, and elaborate canopies can be a pain to set up. Spare your back and stay out of the sun with this Tailbrella umbrella canopy that hooks to your trailer hitch. It has a tilt feature, and you can easily pack it up for easy storage.

Buy Now: $140

Wrenches & Bones Rear License Plate Mounted Bottle Opener

Your bottle opener may be the most essential bit of gear in your tailgating arsenal. It’s also the easiest to forget or misplace. Instead of weighing down your keychain or befriending some insufferable MacGyver who can pop a top with a dollar bill, why not mount the bottle opener to your vehicle? (Just keep in mind that if you’re in a car like the Jeep Wrangler, which draws ample police attention, this handy device may not help your cause.)

Buy Now: $10

Mytcase Protective TV Carrying Case

Let’s be honest: The big game you really care about on Saturday or Sunday is likely happening elsewhere, so you’ll need to watch it on TV. Transporting your flatscreen to the tailgate can be a nuisance, not to mention setting it up and trying to keep the glare off it. Do all of the aforementioned tasks with the Mytcase Protective TV Carrying Case, which can fit screens up to 43 inches.

Buy Now: $250

FrostGuard NFL Premium Winter Windshield Cover

The only thing more frustrating than spending four hours exposed to the elements is coming back to clean off your car. Keep your windshield safe from snow (or your interior protected from heat) and to rep your favorite NFL team at the same time.

Buy Now: $30

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