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All the Automotive News You Missed This Week That You Should Know About

A new Civic Type R for grown-ups, an SUV for single-malt drinkers...and, of course, a $550,000 Beetle powered by a jet engine.

bugatti bolide

We here at the Gear Patrol motoring desk love sharing the latest and most extraordinary automotive world developments, whether that's Porsche's quest to keep combustion alive, sounding the alarm about a super rare wagon up for auction or directing you toward the best deal on a full-size pickup.

The trouble is, we're mortals. Try as we might, we can't cover everything motoring-related that happens in a given week. Below you'll find a roundup of interesting and noteworthy items from this week we wanted to discuss but couldn't quite get around to.

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Cadillac's CT5-V Blackwing and CT4-V Blackwing, Indeed, Will Have Stick Shifts
the v series blackwing models will be the first gm production vehicles with 3d printed parts, including a unique medallion on the manual shifter knob

The names may be confusing to the layperson — what does Darkwing Duck have to do with sport sedans? — but a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and Cadillac's new range-topping sport sedans will be sweet indeed. Cadillac announced this week that the cars will be the first GM products to use 3D-printed parts, including the medallion for the six-speed manual seen here — a gearbox that, GM said, will come standard on both CT4-V Blackwing and CT5-V Blackwing. We think they just wanted to remind us about the manuals.


Bollinger Reveals Production-Intent B1
bollinger b1

Bollinger's B1 SUV and B2 pickup truck are very different types of electric rigs than, say, the Cybertruck or electric F-150; they're commercially-minded, bare-bones machines the size of heavy-duty pickups meant for hard work. While the company has been teasing them for years, this week, Bollinger finally revealed the production-intent design of the B1, which boasts more accessible storage space, a more open interior...and manual crank windows.


VW's Sleek Full-Size Electric Sedan May Arrive in 2023 Packing Mind-Blowing Range
vw logo gear patrol full lead

The ID.3 hatchback and ID.4 compact crossover are hitting the streets now, but the VW ID electric car onslaught is just getting started. Another SUV and a new VW Bus are both in the cards for the new future; now, Autocar has revealed that the ID.6, a Passat-sized electric sedan and station wagon, should land in 2023. It'll reportedly come in RWD and AWD layouts, and offer up to 430 miles of range — though that, presumably, is on the very optimistic European WLTP test cycle.


You Can Pre-Order Doc Brown's Haynes Manual
doc brown haynes manual

Back to the Future has had undoubted influence over automotive culture, launching prices for DMC DeLoreans and 1980s Toyota pickups into the stratosphere. For those automotive inclined cinephiles, Haynes has released a hardcover Back to the Future manual flush with never before seen info about the standard and flying versions of the DeLorean, the Time Train and the hoverboard.

You can't score it for a last-minute holiday gift. But you can pre-order it for $29.99 before its March 30, 2021 release date.


The Next-Gen Civic Type R Will Go Normcore

Honda recently offered us a preview of the new 11th generation Civic, which means a new edition of the fire-breathing Type R will arrive soon. And according to Car and Driver, it may be losing its most distinctive feature, hyper-aggressive styling only an addled energy drink connoisseur could love.

Expect the Type R to be more powerful, keep the stick shift (perhaps with a dual-clutch option) and maybe a hybrid down the road (that may be a necessity if Honda wants to keep selling it in Europe).


A McLaren P1 Successor Is Coming...Eventually
mclaren p1

There are your run-of-the-mill McLarens, and then there are the McLaren Ultimate Series cars. The latter are the multimillion-dollar, limited-run hypercars that represent the pinnacle of McLaren engineering.

McLaren confirmed that another Ultimate car is coming after the Elva, a $1.69 million car that did not include a windshield. The new one will be a spiritual successor to the hybrid P1. But McLaren will let the market breathe (and perhaps recover a bit). The new car arrives sometime around 2025.


Aston Martin Makes a Fancy SUV for Single Malt Drinkers
aston martin dbx bowmore edition
Aston Martin

This week, Aston Martin unveiled the DBX Bowmore Edition. It will be a limited run of 18 DBX SUVs built by the Q by Aston Martin bespoke service. It will come in a special Bowmore Blue with the interior incorporating Bowmore tweed and copper recycled from the original Bowmore still.

Orders can be taken now. Deliveries will happen at an Aston Martin lifestyle event in Scotland during Q4 2021, pandemic willing.


Mercedes Is Getting In On the Electric Van Game
mercedes benz esprinter

One of the most important (and potentially lucrative) frontiers for EVs will be electrifying last-mile delivery vans. Rivian has a massive order from Jeff Bezos. Ford has an electric Transit on the way. So, not surprisingly, Mercedes will bring the next-gen eSprinter van to the U.S.

It will have two wheelbases and three battery ranges, and reportedly will arrive by 2023. No word yet on potential camper van applications.


These Are the 16 Best Cars to Buy in 2021
all new f 150 lariat in rapid red metallic tinted clearcoat

Kelley Blue Book has released their best cars to buy awards for 2021. The results may surprise you.


You Better Bolide It: Bugatti's Batshit Concept Car Is Real

Bugatti released the Bolide concept a few weeks ago, a positively mental car, even by Bugatti standards. It has a quad-turbo 8.0-liter W16 engine putting out 1,825 horsepower. It weighs less than a Toyota 86, which has a little over 200 horsepower. Bugatti estimates its Nürburgring Nordschleife time would be 5:23, just short of the lap record.

This week, Bugatti released physical pictures of the fantastical sounding car, confirming that it exists.


Toyota Is Dipping Its Toes into the EV Market

Toyota has shied away from pure electric cars so far, preferring to focus on hybrids. But that may be about to change. Toyota revealed plans for a battery-electric SUV for the European market. And that could be a precursor to a potential electric Toyota in the U.S. using solid-state batteries, which could offer greater range and much faster charging capability.


Acura Has a New Flagship (And It's Not the NSX)

Acura unveiled its all-new fourth-generation MDX midsize crossover. It looks like an MDX, presumably smells like an MDX, and will start at $46,900 for the FWD version. The MDX has a versatile removable middle seat that can serve as a seventh seat, an armrest with cupholders or a blank space to get to the third row. There's also a hotter 355 hp "Type S" version coming.

Acura is calling it the new flagship, which suggests they, like most of the rest of us, may have forgotten about the NSX.


If You Have $3 Million to Spare...
himalaya defender and kodiak plane

Defender resto-modder Himalaya has partnered with aircraft manufacturer Kodiak on a bespoke package at Himalaya's new experience center in Wyoming. The cost is a staggering $3 million, as it includes both a customized Himalaya Defender 110 and a Kodiak 100 Series II aircraft, typically priced north of $2 million. If that isn't enough, you also get to ride on some snowmobiles.


But If You Have a Mere $550,000 to Spare...
vw beetle with a jet engine in back

A Stanford engineer is selling his used 2000 VW Beetle for $550,000 on Craigslist. No, it does not have $548,000 in the trunk. What it has is a 1,350 hp jet engine. Top speed is "probably not going to survive to inform anyone."

Remarkably, the Beetle still has the functional stock engine in front, so it's street legal and you could use it as a daily driver. Though, sadly, it has an automatic transmission.


The Best Winter and Snow Tires You Can Buy
gear patrol best winter tires lead full

We picked the best tires to help you stay mobile through the winter months.


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