7 New Cars You Won't Believe People Bought in 2021

Somehow, someone managed to find a new FJ Cruiser on a lot in 2014.

toyota fj cruiser

Things have gotten a bit crazy in the automotive world. First, the pandemic hit and disrupted supply chains; then the chip shortage emerged and messed things up even further. New car inventories are super low right now as a result, and used car prices have exploded. Still, a select handful of buyers have stumbled into vehicles you wouldn't expect to find still around on dealer lots this year.

Here are seven (not so) new cars you won't believe people bought off dealership lots in 2021.

toyota fj cruiser
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Toyota FJ Cruiser

The Toyota FJ Cruiser was a quirky but capable homage to the original Land Cruiser. Toyota took it out of production back in 2014, But one person somehow found a new one in June and pulled the trigger. We hope they do some off-road driving with it, even if they should immediately auction it on Bring a Trailer.

2017 dodge viper acr with extreme aero package
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Dodge Viper

For a very particular buyer, only a Dodge Viper will do. Despite the distinctive sports car departing after the 2017 model year, two buyers managed to score new ones in 2017.

2017 jeep® patriot 75th anniversary edition
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Jeep Patriot

Jeep took the Patriot out of production at the end of 2016. It looked better than the Compass of that era, but that was about its only redeeming quality. Four Americans have bought them so far in 2021.

2014 b class electric drive
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Mercedes-Benz B-Class

You may not remember the Mercedes B-Class. It's a wonky-looking subcompact hatchback; Merc only sold the electric version in the U.S. It was discontinued back in 2017, in part, no doubt, because it only offered 87 miles of range. Still, someone has bought one in 2021 — equaling the number Mercedes sold in 2020.

all new f 150 limited in smoked quartz tinted clearcoat
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2016 chrysler town  country
A.J. Mueller
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Chrysler Town & Country

The Chrysler Town & Country was the predecessor to the Chrysler Pacifica. The last model year was 2016. Yet someone found one in a Chrysler lot somewhere in 2021 — and bought it.

2016 dodge dart limited
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Dodge Dart

The Dodge Dart was a new compact sedan that newly formed FCA launched in 2012, just when everyone started buying SUVs in droves. Production ended in Sept. 2016, but Stellantis has sold two of them this year.

2017 chrysler 200s awd
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Chrysler 200

The Chrysler 200 was an upscale version of the Dart. Former FCA head Sergio Marchionne termed both cars the worst investments FCA had made. Like the Dart, production stopped in late 2016. Chrysler has moved three of them off lots in 2021.

mazda cx 30 turbo
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