Porsche's New 3-Row Electric SUV: Everything You Need to Know

Expect the new flagship to be sporty, off-road capable and pricey.

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Porsche announced its expansive growth plans in the summer of 2022. A key component of that growth plan is targeting “higher margin” segments. And Porsche announced one vehicle that will do that: a new three-row, flagship, all-electric luxury SUV that will slot above the Macan and Cayenne and reportedly goes by the codename "K1."

Porsche has not revealed the full details yet. But here’s what we know about the new three-row SUV so far.

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Here's our best look at Porsche's 3-Row Electric SUV so far
porsche three row suv in a graphic under a sheet

Porsche showed a mockup of the new 3-Row SUV under a sheet during its annual press conference. The vehicle under the sheet appears to match previous descriptions of Porsche CEO Oliver Blume calling it "a very sporting interpretation of an SUV" and dealers describing it as "rakish" and "part sedan, part crossover."

Porsche's new 3-Row SUV will run on a new platform
porsche cayenne turbo gt

Porsche confirmed that, unlike the Macan EV and the Cayenne EV, the new 3-row electric SUV will run on Porsche's new SSP Sport EV platform. Porsche says the 3-Row SUV will include some level of autonomous driving and a "completely new experience inside the vehicle."

Per Autocar, the Cayenne EV could feature even faster 920V charging infrastructure and have a larger than 100 kWh battery pack delivering around 388 miles in EPA range.

But Porsche's new three-row should still have solid off-road capability
porsche cayenne review gear patrol 09

Autocar says the new SUV will feature an advanced 4x4 system with torque vectoring and rear-wheel steering. An air suspension will provide “considerable ride height” in its most extreme setting.

Porsche’s new SUV will move considerably upmarket
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The new SUV could be pricey, even by already pricey Porsche standards. Autocar notes that the price should exceed the top-of-the-line Cayenne Turbo GT, which currently starts at $188,700. The starting price could be triple that of the current Cayenne, which starts at $72,000.

The 3-Row SUV should be a pivotal part of Porsche's "Road to 20" plan to eventually turn a 20% profit on its vehicle lineup.

When will Porsche’s new three-row SUV arrive?
porsche electric macan exiting a porsche facility

Porsche's three-row SUV should show up in the second half of the 2020s. Reports differ on precisely when. Some reports say 2026. Autocar believes it will be in 2027 and should arrive after the upcoming Macan EV, Boxster/Cayman EV and Cayenne EV.

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