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Tempo's AI-Powered Home Workout System Is on Sale

Save $150 on the Tempo Studio home workout system that's the perfect way to stay fit in the COVID era.

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When you're working out at home, it is easy to let the little things slide. Form goes out the proverbial window just as your eyes look out the literal window, distracted by your neighbor's dog or the weather or just the dread of continuing another humdrum workout. Tempo's AI-backed workout system is here to keep your focus and form locked down, helping you achieve your goals with a program that matches you. From today through 5/31, Tempo is offering $400 off any bundle with code Tempo-MDW.

Pulses of infrared light create a real-time 3D model of your body that will help you correct form mistakes that might go unresolved if you were following along with your run-of-the-mill class on YouTube. Speaking of classes, Tempo offers hundreds of options to fit any schedule, with classes ranging from cardio to HIIT to recovery. If you're worried about not having the right equipment, Tempo already thought of that. The Tempo Studio comes with everything you need to work out from home: two 7.5-pound dumbbells, a 25-pound barbell, 75 pounds in plates, a heart-rate monitor, mat and even a recovery roller.


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