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Uptick in Backyard Hangouts? Pick up This Discounted Patio Heater

Wayfair is having a huge sale right now and one of the highlights is this outdoor patio heater, perfect for outdoor get-togethers.

patio heater

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Let's face it: In much of the country, it is prohibitively cold right now. Being outdoors with others is the safest place you can be, pandemic-wise, but when it is this chilly outside, well, desperate times call for desperate measures. Throwing on a pair of long johns, wool socks and the biggest coat available is really the only way to prep for hanging out with people. We've even seen photos of people dining outside in a snow storm, which may seem insane, but cabin fever does crazy things to a person's brain.

Luckily, Wayfair's President's Day sale has dropped prices on a bunch of patio heaters — the best defense for a cold set of toes, short of a bonfire. Many of us, however, can't have fires, so we'll settle for some electric heat. This Heat Storm Tripod heater is ideal for heating your backyard, patio or even a garage.

This electric heater emits infrared heat, which is silent and comfortable, has rubber feet to keep it from moving around, and has a tipover switch in case it starts to fall. Right now you can get it for $125, which is 30 percent off the retail price.


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