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This Plug Makes Your Whole House Smarter, and It's 27% Off Right Now

This remote-controlled device is compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant.

wemo smart plug

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If you ever need confirmation that we live in an increasingly "smart" world (or at least a more technologically-integrated one), just take a gander at how many once-traditional kitchen appliances now come with features like Bluetooth compatibility, remote control/monitoring and more. And while it can be hard to keep up, there are also some simple, clever solutions that will help transform some of your old-school devices into "smarter" ones — and you don't even need to swap them out.

Smart Plug
Wemo amazon.com

In this case, the solution is found by way of the Wemo Smart Plug (our pick for best smart plug). Simply fit this device between your wall outlet and your plugged-in device(s) of choice — this can be anything from a desk lamp to a massage chair to a television and everything in-between — set everything up via the included Wemo app, and that's pretty much it. Following that, it's a cinch to set schedules (this is handy for lighting), monitor power usage and there are even some built-in security features (like randomly turning your lights on and off while you're away to make potential home invaders think you're still home). It can even partner with other Wemo Smart Plugs, Alexa devices and works with voice controls. Get one (or a few) while the 27 percent off deal lasts on Amazon, bringing the total price down to just $13 each.


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