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The Xbox Series S Never Goes on Sale — But It's $59 Off Just in Time for the Holidays

Looking for the perfect gaming gift? Microsoft's current-gen video game console finally has a rare discount.

xbox series s

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If you're at all plugged into gaming news, you're probably aware that even now, more than two years since their release, Microsoft's current-gen Xbox video game consoles are pretty hard to come by. Worse still, they pretty much never go on sale. So the fact that Walmart has the Series S on sale for $59 off, right on time for the holidays, is a pretty big deal. And it's not one you should pass up if you (or someone you love) have been on the hunt for one.

Xbox Series S Video Game Console

Microsoft walmart.com
$239.99 (20% off)

The digital-only version of the current-get Xbox, this system is much more compact than either the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5 (by up to 60 percent, in fact). Still, it has capabilities comparable to both — including 4K visuals, up to 120 FPS, ultra-fast loading times (thanks to its onboard custom SSD) and more. Plus, its 512GB hard drive can be expanded (by as much as 2TB) with an additional external SSD, meaning you'll not miss those discs at all.

Pair all that with a Game Pass membership and/or Cloud Gaming and this console reaches tiny titan status. And while the console itself doesn't come with games (it does, thankfully, come with a controller), the savings mean you can pick up some of the best new releases — like Game of the Year-winner Elden Ring — without feeling like you're dipping too deep into your pockets. As mentioned, deals like this are exceptionally rare, so you're going to want to smash that order button while you can.


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