Nobull Takes the Literal High Road with Its New Utility Trail Runner

The all-new trail runner is the brand's sixth running silhouette, and its first high-top designed to take your training outdoors.

nobull utility trail runner

Nobull is a behemoth in the CrossFit realm, having produced some of the best shoes for the activity since stomping onto the scene in 2014. Since then, the no-B.S. brand has expanded its stable beyond the CrossFit box to include footwear for cycling, golf and trail running.

That passion for training continues today with Nobull’s release of the all-new Utility Trail Runner — the brand’s sixth running silhouette and first to include a high-top design. As it is designed for you to run, carry, drag and climb your way through new terrain, let’s see if the latest Nobull launch is as utilitarian as the name suggests.

The details of Nobull's Utility Trail Runner

According to Nobull, the Utility Trail Runner prioritizes aggressive traction, durability and support, most notably in its high-top collar providing a secure fit and additional padding. This silhouette covers the ankle, which could limit mobility, but adds a nice sense of protection against debris or obstacles along the trail. The collar foam also boasts an open mesh lining for added breathability and comfort.

Moving into the midsole, the Utility Trail Runner is constructed using high-rebound Phylon foam for a well-cushioned, durable ride. An aggressive lug pattern adds to each step, too, being optimized for traction, support and grip. And with a 6 mm heel-to-toe drop, this trail runner sits right in the middle of the pack, giving you a nice blend of comfort and performance.

Lastly, Nobull is offering the Utility Trail Runner in two finishes: SuperFabric and Canvas, giving runners a couple options in terms of look and durability — albeit in only black colorways. If you're wanting a sleek, minimalist profile that's still gritty and functional, the Canvas Utility Trail Runner is your fit. If you're looking for some added durability and abrasion resistance, then we'd suggest the SuperFabric version. For those familiar with Nobull's trainer lineup, you already know the no-frills, no-excuses performance SuperFabric brings to the table.

Where to get Nobull's Utility Trail Runner

The Utility Trail Runner is now available for purchase at Nobull's site. At roughly $180, this runner is a little pricier than other options but not entirely off the beaten path. The high-top design in a trail runner gives us a little concern, too, but if the Utility Trail Runner stays true to its durability claims — and the overall performance of the Nobull stable — then those hesitations will be left in the dust, for sure.

Nobull Utility Trail Runner
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