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The Best CrossFit Shoes of 2022

From circuit-crushing mainstays to budget-friendly bests, there’s a CrossFit shoe for everyone on this list.

reebok nano x2, puma fuse and nike metcon 7

A decade ago, asking someone about their WOD might get you a funny look. But these days, the Workout of the Day is damn near ubiquitous — as is the host of footwear options aimed squarely at pleasing CrossFit fiends the world over.

But just because there are dozens of CrossFit-friendly shoes flooding the market doesn't mean any old shoe will do. In our assessments of what's out there, we've identified some of the best while considering key factors like cost and preferred moves, from cardio to kettlebell swings.

So, whether you're a seasoned CrossFitter or just getting into the game, you're sure to find a pick here that's right up your alley. All that's left to do is strap them on, rip through your next workout, flex and scream to your fellow athletes, "WOD's up now??" Then quietly pack your things and go.

How to Choose CrossFit Shoes

Your workouts and movements vary a ton in CrossFit, so your shoes should be capable of accomplishing whatever you throw at them. When looking at CrossFit shoes, there are a few keys to consider, none of which are more vital than heel support.

One of the defining characteristics that separates CrossFit shoes from your daily sneakers is how firm the heel is. This is intended to help add support and responsiveness, especially when weightlifting. Some brands even beef up the heel with additional plastic components for more rigidity and firmness. At the same time, CrossFitters need a cushioned base to perform sprints or runs. Our picks – and most well-designed CrossFit shoes – balance support and cushioning perfectly for well-rounded silhouettes capable of any WOD.

Also, you should look for CrossFit shoes that are durable enough to withstand the rigors of intense training. After all, you’ll be wearing these kicks through some of your most grueling workouts. Look for uppers with a resilient construction. To go along with the upper, pay close attention to the shoe sidewalls. Having sidewalls with reinforced materials or extra support can help extend your footwear’s lifespan, especially when you’re taking them through countless agility sessions or rope climbs.

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Reebok Nano X2

  • Plastic overlay in the back provides great structure and stability

  • Breathability is limited to just the toe box

You can’t call yourself, “the official shoe of fitness,” without being pretty damn good. And the latest iteration of the award-winning Nano is, thanks to a re-engineered FlexWeave Knit upper and more defined heel clip. The Nano x2s build off the success of the Nano x1s – which we named one of our favorite gym shoes. Updates where appropriate and consistency in what works, you’ll find no problems cruising through your WODs in this iconic CrossFit silhouette.

Nike Metcon 7

  • Updated React foam midsole boosts comfort while still remaining springy

  • Heel can be uncomfortable for heel strikers when running

Whether making footwear for putting in the work or putting on a show, Nike knows how to kick it. The latest addition to the Metcon family continues its impressive track record with an all-new React foam midsole for added comfort. The Metcon 7’s medial side features an elongated rope wrap, great for climbing to new heights – both literally and figuratively. And you can move assured that your shoes stay tied thanks to a convenient lace lock tab.

Puma Fuse

  • Super competitive pricing for a quality cross-trainer

  • Narrow in the midfoot, Puma recommends ordering a half size up

As the most cost-efficient CrossFit shoe on our list, the Fuse rocks a 4 mm drop and low internal midsole, providing a super stable base for squats, presses and kettlebell swings. The high tensile mesh upper adds to the silhouette with superb durability against tears, abrasions and scuffs. Plus, a supportive TPU heel clip, high-traction PUMAGRIP outsole and raised rubber wrap-ups ensure you’ll stay on track throughout your training.

Nobull Trainer

  • 4 mm drop for stable support across multiple movements

  • Minimalist design might be too bland for some

We’ve highlighted Nobull as one of our favorite workout brands, and as the official sponsor of the CrossFit Games, it’s no surprise that they bring some quality footwear to the table. Their plethora of available trainers add color to any get-up, along with performance-ready components including a durable, breathable SuperFabric upper. Taking your training outside? The outsole lug pattern lets you seamlessly transition with the right blend of flexibility, traction and support.

Under Armour Project Rock 4

  • TriBase outsole promotes a balanced base for lifts and training

  • TPU midfoot strap can wear out laces at a faster pace

You know what gets results? Being the hardest worker in the room, and the latest kicks from the Dwayne Johnson-led Under Armour lineup is designed to help you do just that. The Project Rock 4s feature a medial and lateral TPU midfoot strap to keep you locked down and focused on the work ahead. HOVR cushioning in the midsole and a TriBase outsole combine to give you a comfortable yet stable ride, too. Get ready to find new boundaries and push right through them in these versatile cross trainers. Eyebrow raise optional.

Inov-8 F-Lite G 300
inov 8

  • Great stability and grip

  • 6 mm drop might be too much for some

Toughness and durability are definitely not lacking in this impressive CrossFit shoe. These kicks boast a Graphene Powerheel for added support and stability. A durable knit upper stays breathable while still protecting your digits and resisting abrasions. And extended Rope-Tec protection provides plenty of grip when tackling climbs. Seriously, it might be more difficult finding a workout these CrossFit shoes aren’t capable of completing.

Adidas Adipower Weightlifting II

  • 20.1 mm heel for a stable, secure lifting posture

  • Not as versatile as others on the list

Big time lifts need big time support. If you’re looking to specialize your footwear for these needs, then look no further than the Adipower 2s. The reinforced upper locks down your foot, aided by the laces and hook and loop strap for added security. Despite its sturdiness, these lifters from Adidas remain flexible enough in the forefoot, allowing your toes to splay comfortably. While pricier than other options and not intended for agility training or running, having that stability underfoot during heavy loads is worth the investment, in our opinion.

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