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Our Favorite Budget BCAA Powder Goes Nostalgic with Airheads Candy Flavors

Tapping into your love for both '90s nostalgia and post-workout recovery.

xtend and airheads bcaa powder

Valentine's Day always has a bit of a sweet sense to it. While chocolates definitely get a lot of love (pun intended) there are still other candies out there worthy of gifting to your special someone. Additionally, when you get to thinking about exchanging presents with your significant other, it helps to tie those treats into another one of their hobbies or activities — you know, get some brownie points that show you thought a little harder outside of a card and bouquet of roses.

Well, if your sweetie has an interest in fitness, Xtend just made your Valentine's Day much easier (and tastier). Our favorite budget-friendly BCAA powder just announced a special collaboration with Airheads candies, now offering the brand's original hydrating and recovery-minded supplement in three new flavors.

Here's how you can make this year's gym date a little more thoughtful thanks to this special collaborative launch.

What's New with this Tasty Collaboration?

The Xtend x Airheads partnership puts a sweet spin on the brand's original BCAA powder, with the supplement now coming in three of Airheads's most iconic flavorings — Cherry, Blue Raspberry and White Mystery. Despite these candy-inspired offerings, Xtend x Airheads Candy still contains zero sugar while delivering seven grams of BCAAs in a 2:1:1 ratio.

Additionally, Xtend x Airheads Candy carries certifications from both NSF and Informed Choice, ensuring your post-workout recovery and hydration regimen is ripe with quality ingredients and free from any banned substances.

xtend and airheads bcaa powder
xtend and airheads bcaa powder

When to Use Xtend x Airheads Candy

If your special someone is wise to BCAA supplements, they know that the effective concoction can be taken nearly anytime in relation to their daily training session. That notion rings true with Xtend as well — although in our experience, we'd recommend saving this powder for intra- and post-workout use.

This is due to Xtend's lack of stimulants, which means you're likely to not reap any energy boosts if supplemented before a workout, if you even need a jolt to begin with. With that said, however, Xtend Original BCAAs do contain citrulline malate, which could help circulation.

Where to Buy Xtend x Airheads Candy

Starting today, the three new candied flavors are available online in 30-serving tubs for the same price as other Xtend offerings. Whether catering to your training partner's sweet tooth or treating yourself ahead of a hefty fitness journey, these all-new powders from Xtend are sure to make your hydration and recovery routine a little more fun and fancy free.


Xtend x Airheads Candy BCAA Powder

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