Miir’s Insulated Carafe Is Made to Keep Your Pour-Over Coffee Extra Hot

If your Chemex is leaving you cold, it may be time to upgrade.

miir new standard carafe

For most coffee nerds out there, the preferred method of making their brew is the pour-over method. Pour-over coffee involves pouring hot water, ideally from a gooseneck kettle and heated to around 205 degrees, in a circular motion over relatively coarse grounds in a conical filter where it drains into a waiting carafe. The most classic setup involves a Chemex carafe. Invented in 1941, the Chemex is a design icon and kitchen staple, and its hourglass-shaped glass body remains the gold standard for purists.

But the Chemex design, as lovely and effective as it is, still isn't perfect. Perhaps the biggest drawback of a Chemex is the glass itself. With a lack of insulation, the glass has a high level of heat loss, meaning if you leave your coffee in the carafe on the counter, it gets cold very quickly. Now, finally, someone has come up with a solution that will allow your pour-over coffee to stay piping hot for much longer.

Miir, a brand already synonymous with stylish and standout coffee gear, has launched a new style of carafe for pour-over coffee that's made from medical-grade stainless steel rather than traditional glass. The Miir New Standard Carafe is double-wall vacuum-insulated, like what you're used to getting in your favorite travel mug, and it comes with a press-fit lid. This combo promises to keep your coffee piping hot for hours after you brew it, allowing for an afternoon pick-me-up without having to enlist the help of your microwave.

Because it's made from stainless steel, Miir's carafe is also shatterproof. I can't tell you how many times my heart's stopped after accidentally banging my Chemex on the inside of my sink while washing it (to its credit, it's held up), but with the New Standard Carafe, there's no danger of breakage. The carafe is finished in a sleek black too, meaning it will match the rest of your modern coffee setup whether you're coffee corner is outfitted with Miir gear or Fellow's latest goods.

miir new standard carafe

Miir's New Standard Carafe will work with any conical filter, and the brand designed it to fit perfectly on the new Miir Digital Coffee Scale, which is being launched alongside the carafe. The scale is made from post-consumer plastic and features a built-in timer and LCD display capable of tracking three different units of measurement, allowing you to make perfectly precise brews.

Miir has just launched the New Standard Carafe and Digital Coffee Scale on Kickstarter, where they are available in various configurations. The scale alone will set you back $55, the carafe $85 and both bundled together goes for $125. The campaign is scheduled to run through March 19.


Miir New Standard Carafe & Digital Coffee Scale

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