Our Favorite Chili Crisps Brand Made Dumplings, and 6 Other New Home Releases

Boil, dip, eat and repeat.

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Every week, we lust over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: a bowl worthy of a Michelin-starred chef; mugs, mugs and more mugs; and more.

Venn Design Air Chair

venn design ergonomic chair
Venn Design

Presented by Venn Design

While there are clear benefits to sitting on a physioball while working, it's not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing part of your home office. And with many of us working from home, surrounding ourselves with objects that invite movement can allow for boosted energy, focus and wellbeing. The Air Chair from Venn Design provides the benefits of a physioball but with a design that will elevate your space instead of serving as an eyesore. Thanks to a four-layer laminate construction with layers of durable, ripstop nylon, high-density foam and felt all wrapping an inner air cushion core, this chair provides comfort while helping your posture. Not to mention it also helps regulate temperature so that you never experience that cold, clammy and sweaty feeling that you might with other stability balls. It's available in large or small sizes; the large is perfect as a desk chair and workout ball while the small can provide additional seating when friends are over. In a variety of designs and patterns, the Air Chair ensures you don't have to choose between style and comfort.

Price: $299+


Fly By Jing Dumplings

fly by jing dumplings
Fly By Jing

Love chili crisps? Then you're probably familiar with Fly By Jing already. And if you own some of its spicy condiments, you'll want to pair it with the brand's new line of dumplings. The frozen dumplings — available in pork, shrimp and scallop; pork, shrimp and mushroom; and pork soup dumplings — are ready to go from freezer to mouth in just a few minutes. The ingredients are filled with the things you'd use if you were to make these dumplings at home and nothing you wouldn't be able to easily find at the grocery store. So if you're not ready to start a dumpling-making assembly line, these are the next best thing (and possibly even better).

Price: $40+


Jono Pandolfi Union Bowl

jono pandolfi union bowl
Jono Pandolfi

Jono Pandolfi makes some of our favorite bowls and dishes, and it's also a favorite among Michelin-starred chefs — like Missy Robbins. Robbins, who owns the Italian restaurants Lilia and Misi in New York, worked with Jono on a new bowl, the Union, which is its deepest bowl to date. The Union bowl is handmade, like everything else Jono Pandolfi produces, and available in Toasted or Dark Brown clay body with white interior glaze. The bowls quickly sold out as soon as they were released, but they're expected to restock before the holidays. Until then, head over to Misi's website where the Union bowl is available in a Slate clay body with white interior glaze.

Price: $52


Food52 Mug52

food52 mug52

For the past four years, food blog Food52 has dropped its Mug52 collection, a line of 52 mugs designed by 52 pottery studios. Each mug is one-of-a-kind and a perfect representation of the people behind it. Either score one for yourself and grab one to gift — you'll never have to worry about someone gifting the same thing.

Price: $45


Graf Lantz Dogū

graf lantz dogū
Graf Lantz
graf lantz dogū
Graf Lantz

Graf Lantz released a line of leather valet trays to spruce up your desk top or entry table. If the leather isn't enough for you, get the felt insert to line the inside and keep it safe from damage.

Price: $38+


Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects Variety Pack

brooklyn brewery special effects variety pack
Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery is making some of the best non-alcoholic beers out there, rivaling some of their regular beers. It comes with three cans of its Hoppy Amber and IPA non-alcoholic beers, and it also includes two new beers: Special Effects Pils and Special Effects Hazy IPA. If you've ever wanted to experiment with a sober lifestyle, do it with Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects.


Patagonia Provisions Lightly Smoked Venison Links

patagonia provisions lightly smoked venison links
Patagonia Provisions

Patagonia has the meats! Its Patagonia Provisions line of food and drink released a new venison link made from the invasive Hawaiian axis deer. The deer pose a threat to native foliage, and they're humanely harvested to control the population, while creating a wildly delicious sausage. (Not to mention each pack of two sausages packs 16 grams of protein.) Enjoy them on their own or throw them on the grill for a protein-packed, delicious snack or meal.

Price: $9


Bento Bong Parts

bento bong parts

We crowned the Bento Bong as our Smart Spend pick for bongs, and it just launched its Parts page. Shoppers can buy the parts that make up the Bento Bong, and they can use the page to upgrade their existing bongs, like if they want to make their Single a Double or turn their Double into a Triple.

Price: $3+


Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
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