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Margo Price Wants to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing with Dad Grass

The country music star has a new line of "Margo Grass" CBG joints and flower.

dad grass x mom grass
Angelina Castillo | Dad Grass

Country music star Margo Price’s recently-released fourth studio album, "Strays," is heavy on free-spirited, psychedelic imagery (she and her husband/guitarist Jeremy Ivey were tripping on mushrooms while writing it, per Pitchfork). Now, the singer-songwriter is looking to guide you on your own far-out journey — legally, of course — through her new collaboration with Dad Grass.

The smokable hemp brand, which is legal in all 50 states, has hooked up with Price for a special-edition line of its Mom Grass pre-rolled joints and flower. Unlike the brand’s flagship Dad Grass CBD joints, the Mom Grass line makes use of a lesser-known cannabinoid called CBG. Like CBD, it lacks the psychoactive effects of THC, so smoking Mom Grass — or, in this case, Margo Grass — won’t get you stoned.

So what’s the difference between CBD and CBG? According to Dad Grass, their CBD joints allow you to tune out, relax and say goodbye to your anxiety. Their CBG products, meanwhile, almost accomplish the opposite: you can expect to tune in, with heightened creativity and focus to go alongside an overall calming effect. (Naturally, we can see how someone like Price would get some use out of such a product.)

mom grass x margo price pre rolls
Angelina Castillo | Dad Grass

“That’s the feeling I get with Mom Grass and what I wanted to bring to people with this special release: an easy, creative smoking experience that doesn’t get you too high for your own good,” Price said in a press release. “​​I get little lyric ideas when I’m stoned (I call them ‘highdeas’), and I like to get a bit high and play guitar or go on a walk out in nature where song ideas and melodies sometimes come to me. I have battled insomnia, menstrual cramps, migraines, back pain, depression, hangovers, writer's block and boredom with cannabis that’s high in CBG, and I want to help remove the stigma around this beautiful plant.”

For the collaboration, Dad Grass has given their Mom Grass Hemp CBG Pre-Rolled Joints and Hemp CBG Flower tins a makeover, with custom artwork inspired by Price’s album and co-designed with the artist. The special packaging features psychedelic, desert-inspired watercolors, references to the album and lyrics from Price’s single “Been to the Mountain.” There’s also a Margo Grass hat and tie-dye T-shirt to go along with the collection.

The joints are available in five- and ten-packs and start at $37, while the flower tins are priced at $50 for a quarter-ounce and $90 for a half-ounce. All are available now direct from Dad Grass, regardless of which state you call home.

dad grass

Mom Grass X Margo Price Special Edition Pack


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