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Why Right Now Is the Best Time to Buy a Pax Weed Vape

Between a slew of new releases, deep discounts, free accessories and more, things are looking good for the industry-leading vape brand.


Way back in 2007, a company called Ploom was founded with the aim of revolutionizing the vaporizer industry. A few years later, in 2012, the original Pax weed vape was born. By 2017, Ploom rebranded as Pax Labs (styled simply as Pax) and the company had already moved onto the Pax 3 weed vape, which would go on to dominate the weed vape industry until this past year when it was usurped by its successor, the Pax Plus.

Today, you can't have a conversation about weed vaporizers without bringing Pax into the discussion. The company has solidified itself as the chief industry staple and, with every new development, further entrenches its dominance. What you might not know, however, is that right now — 2023 — might just be the best time to invest in (or upgrade) your own Pax weed vape. That's because the brand is still churning out the hits between new releases (in both vaporizers and consumables), deep discounts, free accessory deals, social reform projects and more.

Pax Stays on Top with New Releases

Only a few short months ago (we covered the story in November), Pax announced that it was doing a kind of minor restructuring of its devices, phasing out its industry-dominating Pax 3 vape in favor of a simpler, speedier, more user-friendly option, the Pax Plus. While we discovered that a lot of the updates were fairly minor (honestly, it must have been hard to improve on the Pax 3 at all), they were extensive enough when paired with the bonafide new features (like 3D-printed filters, a streamlined and app-free system of smoking modes, etc.) to crown the Pax Plus the new king of weed vapes. It helped, too, that the Pax Plus (priced at $250) retained much of what we all loved about the Pax 3, like the ability to heat up in just 20 seconds, precision temperature control, compatibility with both dry herb and concentrates and more.

Pax Plus

Pax pax.com

But that wasn't the only new device to come out at that time. The brand also released a new pocket- and travel-friendly vape a fraction of the size of either the Pax 3 or Pax Plus. Called simply the Pax Mini, this device still offers many of the same features (speedy heating, the same 2-hour functional battery life, etc.) in a much more portable package. In fact, it's the smallest Pax device to date. Its only downside? It doesn't work solely with concentrate, just dry herb (and Infused Flower pucks). Still, for $150, it's a pretty killer deal all around.

Pax Mini

Pax pax.com

Furthermore, to mate with those two new releases, Pax released a new product called Infused Flower — essentially small pressed pucks of fresh, l0cal dry herb mixed with full-melt water hash concentrate. And while they're sized specifically to work with Pax devices, they also work in pipes and bongs (AKA water pipes), should you choose to take your THC that way. Sadly, these pucks are only available in California for now, but the brand is looking to expand in the coming months.

Save Big on the Pax 3 (and More)

While the shiny new releases are probably eating up a lot of attention, they've sneakily made room for Pax to discount some of its older, outgoing models. Best part? They're still just as good as they always were — they're just cheaper now. The big hit here, of course, is the Pax 3 — the weed vape industry's former top dog. Now, you can get the device and over $80 worth of accessories for just $200 (that's $50 less than before, and it's a permanent price drop) or $210 if you want the fancy engraved version.

Pax 3 Complete Kit

Pax pax.com
$200.00 (20% off)

Along with the Pax 3 getting a permanent price cut, Pax has also dropped the cost of its oil extract vaporizer, the Era Pro down to $50 from $70, which is a pretty hefty discount. And while it's currently sold out (and we don't know if it's coming back in stock), the Pax 2 is now down to just $120 from $150.

Buy a New Pax and Score a Free Charging Tray

Here's the business: any Pax device you have needs electric power to function. And while they all come with a charging cable, it's not exactly something you want to put on display and might not even be particularly convenient. However, Pax has an accessory called simply the Charging Tray. Available in walnut, maple or white oak finishes, this gorgeous device will keep your Pax powered up whenever you need it. Better still, if you punch in code PERFECTPAIR at checkout when buying a new Pax Plus, Pax Mini or Pax 3, you'll get the charging tray for free. Just make sure you do it before February 14, as that's when the deal ends.

Pax Charging Tray

Pax pax.com

Pax Has Much More Coming

All of the above is just a small sampling of why right now is the best time to buy from Pax. But some new information has come to light that makes us think this is just the beginning of it. For instance, the brand has just launched its Peace social impact platform, which seeks to support social reform, safe access and sustainability in the weed industry. It's clear that Pax is looking at the growing cannabis sector as more than just a business opportunity. In fact, the brand is putting itself in a place where it has a vested interest not just in business but in the greater community. And that level of care can only mean that things are just getting started for this powerhouse brand. Frankly, we're looking forward to what comes next.


Sean Tirman is Gear Patrol’s Commerce Writer.
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