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Tom Brady, Lewis Hamilton Just Hit the Links Wearing Fresh New Brands

Tom Brady broke out his BRADY Brand, and Lewis Hamilton wore a set from Bogey Boys.

iwc schaffhausen golf challenge
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Golf as we know it originated in Scotland during the 15th century. That's a really long time ago, but, despite advancements in club technology, course maintenance and, of course, how golf clothing fits and feels, the game hasn't changed much: you set your feet, swing, watch the ball fly through the air, yell fore, walk to where it landed and do it again.

It's fair to assume a sport this consistent would eventually become stale — see: baseball — but it's growing faster than ever. That's because it's being presented in new ways. There are televised tournaments between titans from other sports; young fans interested in generating content for the biggest tournaments; and plenty of new brands shaping what a golf player, both professional and for fun, dresses like.

This week, retired NFL quarterback Tom Brady and Formula 1 phenom Lewis Hamilton teed off together at IWC Schaffhausen's annual golf event, The Big Pilot Challenge, wearing two of them: BRADY Brand, the NFL-er's own label, and Bogey Boys, a brand started by rapper and Seattle sports magnate Macklemore.

Yes, Brady's just promoting his own products, but Hamilton, from what I can tell, has no formal affiliation with Bogey Boys. (He didn't tag the brand in his post promoting the event.) He, like many men (us included), noticed an uptick in attractive golf clothing and clicked order. But BRADY Brand and Bogey Boys, you can tell just by looking at the names, represent two opposite ends of the "new golf" trend: Bogey Boys is bold and boisterous, and, by every sense of the word, essentially a streetwear brand. BRADY, on the other hand, is hardline, a label built on performance fabrics, flattering fits and first-hand testing by its famous founder.

Tom Brady's Outfit

Lewis Hamilton's Outfit

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