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N.Peal Celebrates 60 Years of James Bond with a Collection of His Best Looks

20 pieces from Bond movies past and present comprise this new collection from the famed British cashmere brand.

n peal james bond

James Bond is a single character, but every generation knows a different one. What unifies them is an energy, a certain je ne sais quoi. Bond is a suave, seductive, sleuth-like assassin — but he's on the side of the angels. He dresses in fine knits and perfectly tailored suits. He wears Sunspel and N.Peal, Barton Perreira and Persol — depending on the era, of course.

In fact, a lot of these brands formed official partnerships with the production studio behind each film. N.Peal, a British cashmere brand founded in 1936 (and long favored by Hollywood), for example, worked with EON Productions, the studio that's made every Bond film since 1962, on Skyfall (2012), Spectre (2015) and No Time To Die (2021).

n peal james bond
(Left): Roger Moore as Bond in The Man With The Golden Gun, 1974 | (Right): 007 Woven Check Jacket, $830

With no new movie in sight — they haven't even picked a replacement for Daniel Craig yet — Bond fans have time to refocus on films prior. Plus, with the series' 60th anniversary in the wings, there's plenty to look back on. So N.Peal is celebrating the milestone with a 20-piece collection of looks from films they officially outfitted and those prior to its partnership with EON Productions.

n peal bond 60
(Left): Sean Connery as Bond in Goldfinger, 1964 | (Right): 007 White Dinner Jacket, $1,390

The collection covers movies as far back as Dr. No, which came out in 1962, all the way through to 2021's No Time to Die. The items are a mix of 100 percent cashmere and parts cotton or wool, but each piece comes from a corresponding Bond movie. There's an even mix of performance, at least by Bond's standards, pieces and formal attire, because not only was he a daring assassin, he was quite dashing doing it.

But the collection is more than just costuming. It's all made to N.Peal's storied standards, which were enough for one of the 20th (and 21st) century's suavest snobs, James Bond. That means lots of fine cashmere knits, well-made wool suits and outerwear you're unlikely to find anywhere else.


Some of N.Peal's 60 Years of Bond collection will be available online. The rest, however, is only available at N.Peal's Madison Avenue store in New York City.

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