13 Sneaky Secrets Your Favorite Products are Hiding

You may think you understand everything there is to know about something so simple as a shirt, but do you really? You might be surprised.

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Chandler Bondurant

You may think you understand everything there is to know about something so simple as a shirt or a cast-iron skillet. Of course, you know all there is to know about how to tie your shoes! Or do you? A whole host of everyday items in your daily life are hiding secret functions from you. You’ll never look at them the same way again

Your Phone Has a Tiny, Crucial Design Detail You’ve Probably Never Even Noticed

The small stripes of plastic along a smartphone's outer edge are one of its most important features.

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There’s a Very Tricky Ring on the Bottom of Your Cast-Iron Skillet. What’s It for?

The answer: history.

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Ever Wonder What That Extra Lace Hole on Your Gym Shoes Is For? We Found Out

Your athletic shoes likely have an extra lace eyelet, and you might not know how to use it correctly... until now.

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This Is the Reason Why Sweatshirts Have a V at the Neck

The little V at the neck of your favorite sweatshirt has a long history and it's more than just for looks.

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You Know That Little Hole in Your Pen Cap? It Could Save Your Life

Maybe stop chewing on your pens.

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Ever Wonder Why There’s a Loop on the Back of Your Button-Down Shirt? We Found Out

It prevents wrinkles, lets people know if you're spoken for and it's on the back of your favorite button up shirt.

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Why Does the Popular NATO Watch Strap Have This Mysterious Feature?

We took a deeper look at NATO straps to find out exactly why these fun and affordable watch accessories are designed the way they are.

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That Little Hole in Your Swiss Army Knife Has a Surprising Use

It could save your behind in the backcountry — or at least help you keep your pants up.

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Why Do Suits Have a Random Buttonhole on the Lapel? We Found Out

The mystery of the buttonless buttonhole.

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Your Bike’s Most Unique Feature Is Completely Hidden

Geeking out on the sounds of coasting may forever change the way you look at — and listen to — these two-wheeled wonders.

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Your Backpack Has a Hidden Feature That Can Save Your Life

Not every pack has this smart touch, but if yours is designed for outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, skiing or snowboarding, it probably does.

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Think You Know What That Small Pocket on Your Jeans Is For? You’re Probably Wrong

The jeans you're wearing right now have a curious feature you might have wondered about. We bet you'd never guess its original purpose.

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Ever Wonder What That Funky Little Loop on the Finger of Your Ski Glove Is For? We Found Out

Its main application serves backcountry adventurers, but it has another handy use for just about all of us.

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