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13 Great Rings for Men

It doesn't matter which finger or style you favor. You're sure to find one that fits you.

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Rings can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, when the circle, more so than silver or gold, held significance. It's why people then exchanged or wore them — to represent eternal life or that they were from the upper echelons of society. Then, the circle meant endlessness, although the first modern instance of rings signaling marital status wasn't until 900 AD in Europe.

What a Ring Can Signify

Today, rings remain a way to say you're married. But, they're also more than that. They're a pretty popular method of self-expression, and an option that's visible nearly 100 percent of the time, too. It's probably why people so often shy away from them, I think. It's also why, on the contrary, so many love them so much.

Rings blend bravado and beauty, as well as symbolize status or allegiance to a significant other. But word of mouth's made up a number of other things rings can represent, too. There are entire sites dedicated to decoding what a certain type of ring on a particular finger could mean — with the pointer finger meaning affiliation and the pinky meaning personal statement and so on and so forth. Then there are gems and jewels, which warrant entire discussions on their own.

So, unless you prescribe to (or study) ancient ways of wearing rings, or dabble in spiritual realms that manifest as ready-to-wear accessories, stick to my simple advice: Beyond the left ring finger (one to the right from your pinky or the third in line if starting with your pointer), none of them really mean much. (That one means you're married.) Find a ring that you like, make sure it fits you (and your style) and wear it everywhere. Admittedly, putting a ring on for particular occasions or to match select outfits makes the accessory feel more like costuming than a cornerstone of your wardrobe. Be consistent and you'll feel super confident no matter how many you have on (but maybe stick to three or fewer).

More Jewelry for Men

    Rings for Men

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    Studebaker Metals Signet Ring
    Dear Letterman Ayman Ring
    Miansai Lennox Jasper Ring
    How to Measure Your Ring Size
    how to measure

    First, find some string or a piece of ribbon. Then grab a marker in a color that'll be visible on your string or ribbon. Be sure that both ends of it have straight edges. Holding one end of it, wrap the other around until it completes the ring. Mark where it does. Take the ribbon off and measure it from the starting line to where you marked. Use this measurement to inform your size. Repeat for whichever finger you plan on wearing your ring on.


    Jil Sander Classic Chevalier Ring
    First Arrow's Sandcast Plain Ring R-226
    Mejuri Bold Round Signet Ring
    Obbi Good Label Good Luck Signet Ring
    Lone Flag Peace Ring
    Maple Bandana Engraved Ring
    LHN Jewelry Silver Onyx Ring
    LHN Jewelry Yates Ring
    M. Cohen Glib Ring
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