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Today in Gear: Why NATO Straps Are Designed the Way They Are, Why Whiskey Stones Suck & More

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10 Fun Used Cars With a Stick Shift You Can Buy for Less Than $10,000

New manual transmission cars are few and far between. But you can find some cheap and fun used ones for less than $10,000.

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Can New Technology Help You Get Fitter at Home?

At a time when home fitness is especially relevant, two new products promise to help you sweat without crowding your house. Our testers check them out and weigh in.

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This Little Gadget Has Been My Best Lockdown Purchase By a Mile

My home Wi-Fi sucked. So I decided to fix it with one little gadget that cost less than $100.

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Why Does the Popular NATO Watch Strap Have This Mysterious Feature?

We took a deeper look at NATO straps to find out exactly why these fun and affordable watch accessories are designed the way they are.

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Stop Buying Your Dad Whiskey Stones, They Suck

Whiskey stones have always been, and continue to be, terrible. This is why.

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8 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Knives Last Forever, According to an Expert

David Olkovetsky, founder of knifemaking outfit Artisan Revere, on rubber cutting boards, mineral oil and the evils of dishwashing your knife.

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The 9 Best New Bourbons and Whiskeys of 2020 (So Far)

COVID-19 or not, the whiskey boom rolls on. These are the best new bottles of brown to seek out this year.

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This Affordable Acoustic Guitar Offers Big Tone in a Small Package

A new parlor-size guitar that packs a punch.

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Why a $22,000 Entry-Level Dress Watch Is Worth Every Penny

The Calatrava is the quintessential Patek Philippe, and perhaps even the quintessential dress watch, period.

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That Little Hole in Your Swiss Army Knife Has a Surprising Use

It could save your behind in the backcountry — or at least help you keep your pants up.

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19 Great Slides to Wear This Summer

From the waterproof and pool-ready to the luxury leather-crafted.

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10 Tools You Need to Take Your Grill Setup to the Next Level

Once you've got your head around basics of grilling, you'll want more. These upgrades are what you're looking for.

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The Ford Bronco Will Have a Very Unusual Manual Transmission

Who needs low range when you have a super-low gear below first?

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This Is Patek Philippe’s First New Watch of 2020

The ref. 6007A-001 Calatrava celebrates the opening of the company's new manufacturing facilities in Geneva. And it's in stainless steel.

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Go Overlanding (Or Replace Your Home) With This Luxury Camping Trailer

This stunning camping trailer is prepped to hit the road or trail—or even provide a full-time residence.

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A Japanese Streetwear Designer Has a Unique Take on Vintage-Inspired Watches

Streetwear guru Hiroshi Fujiwara's new limited-edition TAG Heuer x Fragment Design Formula 1 Heuer 02 Chronograph is unlike anything else in TAG's catalog.

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Legendary Music Producer Rick Rubin Designed the Perfect Summer Shoes

Limited-edition, vegan men's shoes.

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This Famous Motorcycle Company Is Planning a Massive Product Onslaught

Do you like exceptional-looking vintage-style motorcycles that are also affordable? You'll soon have quite a few to choose from.

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Who Needs the Electric Hummer When You Can Buy an Off-Road Tesla Model 3?

For the Tesla fan who may need to plow through some dirt.

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Klipsch’s New Bookshelf Speakers Are a Soundbar Killer

The Fives are powered bookshelf speakers that can connect directly to your TV -- plug and play -- without the need of an AV receiver.

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Our Favorite Station Wagon Is Getting Even Better for 2021

Mercedes-AMG's fire-breathing, tire-shredding wagon receives a timely update.

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This Free Chrome Extension Will Change the Way You Share Links to Articles

Google just released a new Chrome extension that lets you create a special URL link that opens directly to the specific word, sentence or paragraph.

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BMW’s New M5 Is Just a Little Better, But There Wasn’t Much to Improve Anyway

We weren't clamoring for changes, but BMW went and made some anyway.

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Ford’s Electric SUV Will Be Able to Drive Itself (Sort Of)

So long as you keep your eyes on the road...and you're on the right road...and you bought the right option package.

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Lil Yachty Is Obsessed With His Touchscreen Toaster. Here’s Why

For the rapper, the Revolution toaster is pretty revolutionary.

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