This Tiny RV Is a Whole New Type of Awesome Camper Van

And unlike many a cool, unorthodox camper van, it's coming to America.

camper van tiny rv

Update, 11/8/2021: Wingamm has informed us that the Oasi 540 has arrived on U.S. shores, and will be displayed in Santa Monica, California from November 15–December 15. If you want to see it in person, you can make an appointment here.

Living in America certainly comes with plenty of perks, but one thing we often wind up missing out on here in the land of Rock Flag and Eagle: the widest array of camper vans. Europeans have a much deeper history of living that #vanlife, so unsurprisingly, the options available to them run much broader than here in the U.S.

Luckily, as more and more Americans discover the joys of camper van and travel trailer life, that's starting to change. Case in point: the Wingamm Oasi 540, which not too long ago would have been exactly the sort of cool van we'd be forced to drool over from afar, but now is pulling an Eddie Murphy and coming to America.

Thank the good folks at Stellantis, in part, as their decision to bring the Fiat Ducato van to the U.S. as the Ram Promaster means the builds based on Fiats abroad can effectively be copy-pasted onto NHTSA-approved chassis here. The Oasi 540 stretches just 17 feet six inches long — shorter than some pickup trucks — but clever packaging means it manages to cram a remarkable amount of comfort and living room into its square footage.

tiny rv camper van
tiny rv camper van

For starters, there's an honest-to-God standalone bathroom, complete with shower, sink and toilet. (Granted, it's a wet bath, so you'll be showering next to (or even while sitting on) the john.) The dining area places a couch around a removable table, but by swiveling the cab seats around, you can squeeze four or five people around it for meals. The kitchen packs not only a stainless steel sink and ample cabinets, but a two-burner stove and a 3.8-cubic-foot fridge. There's even a decent amount of closet and other storage space.

Where then, you might wonder, do you sleep? Well, crane your neck upwards (metaphorically, don't actually doing it while reading this or you won't find out) and you'll see the double bed that retracts into the ceiling when not in use. Come bedtime, the memory foam mattress on wooden slats drops down – but thanks to a skylight above it, you'll be able to wake up with the sun so you don't miss a minute of the day.

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Considering both the amount of capability packed into this van and Wingamm's bold claims about their campers's build quality, we're excited to check it out for ourselves.


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