BMW's M Division Could Be Cooking Up Another Wild Supercar

BMW's R&D head is not ruling it out.

bmw vision m next

Like just about every luxury automaker, BMW is transitioning toward producing electric cars. The plan begins when all-electric i4 sedan and iX crossover launch in America this summer — but BMW will really kick the switch into gear in 2025, when its first dedicated EV platform, the so-called Neue Klasse, or "New Class," launches.

But converting away from combustion won't mean the end of thrilling BMW performance. Plug-in hybrids will have their moment: BMW unveiled their monstrously powered (and grotesque-looking) Concept XM, which should eventually become a 750 hp halo SUV. And beyond that, well...BMW is not ruling out an electric supercar.

Australian car site WhichCar recently interviewed BMW's R&D head, Frank Weber. When asked whether BMW's upcoming lineup was missing "a halo car along the lines of icons like M1, Z1, Z8 or i8," Weber said that notion was "wrong." Still, he also noted that BMW would have "no trouble at all picturing a highly-emotional model based on the New Class matrix." Weber did not elaborate further on what that car might look like.

We've heard rumors that BMW has been playing around with some bonkers electric performance cars. WhichCar reported last summer that BMW was working on an electric M2 nicknamed "Project Katharina" that would pack a quad motor system producing a megawatt (1,341 hp) of power. However, that M2 is purportedly on schedule before the Neue Klasse platform arrives.

And let's not forget, BMW did unveil an electrified sports car concept, the Vision M Next, in Frankfurt back in 2019. It was futuristic, with a steering wheel that would get Elon Musk jazzed up. But it did look the part of an electric BMW halo car nodding back to cars like the M1.

Of course, picturing a model is a long way from putting it into production. Using the Neue Klasse platform would have the supercar arriving in the latter half of the 2020s at the earliest. And highfalutin' BMW buyers may want something more like the Concept XM. But the important thing is that BMW is at least thinking about it.


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