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Here's How to Save $40 on Sonos' Weatherproof Bluetooth Travel Speaker

Looking to buy a Sonos Roam but don't want to pay full price? You don't have to if you start here.

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As with any buzz-worthy Bluetooth speaker, the Sonos Roam has been of great intrigue here at Gear Patrol; we have covered it extensively ever since it was just a rumor germinating throughout the tech world and then we reviewed it. Now that it has been around for a while, we're still enamored with it — it even made our list of the best portable Bluetooth speakers. However, all that love doesn't make up for the fact that, to some, the $179 MSRP is just too dang high. Well, guess what? You don't have to pay full price for a Roam if you don't want to, courtesy of some great deals offered by Sonos itself.


Sonos Roam (Refurbished)

Sonos sonos.com

The first way to score is by checking out the brand's refurbished options, which can score you a factory-restored Sonos Roam for just $139 — savings of 22 percent off the normal price. Granted, this isn't technically a brand-new speaker, but it might as well be since it's been given a full inside-and-out inspection by Sonos before being offered up for sale, and that makes for a really great option.

Sonos Portable Set

Sonos sonos.com

Second, if you're looking to perhaps get a couple of speakers, perhaps for you and a loved one (or just two for you), Sonos also offers a few deals on bundles. This includes a Roam two-pack (called the Adventure Pack) that grants you $20 in savings, but you can also get the Portable Set, which includes a Roam and its big brother, the Move, for $30 in savings.

Finally, there's the Sonos Upgrade Program. If you've owned a Sonos speaker in the past and have a Sonos account, you could be eligible to get $25 off a new Roam, with no trade-in required. Sonos obviously wants its customers to continue to grow their speaker systems and this is its way of keeping things in the family. Just head online to the Upgrade Program website and check on your eligibility. If you're able to get the discount, you'll be given an exclusive code for 15 percent off any new Sonos speaker, including the Roam.

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