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Marlow, Brooklinen's New Pillow Company, Is Having Its First Sale

Marlow makes adjustable pillows that may just be perfect.

marlow pillow

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In the past, pillow shopping was all about trial and error. There really isn't a good way to test a pillow and it's probably the piece of bedding that relies most on personal preference. Brooklinen's latest venture, Marlow, has the answer to this problem: adjustable pillows. With just the tug of a zipper, the Marlow pillow can be adjusted on the fly. Like a firm pillow? Keep it zipped. Want some extra fluff? Unzip that thing. It's that easy.

Right now you can get the first-ever discount on the Marlow pillow thanks to its Surprise Sale. If you only want one, it is still a doable $65, but who needs only one pillow? Buy two or three and you get 25 percent or go big and buy four to get 40 percent off your purchase. (Sleep with a partner? Buy a few and let everyone make their own choices.)

The Pillow

Refreshing your pillows has never been easier. Stop sleeping on those old, flat sacks and upgrade to a better night's sleep. While you're at it, get some sheets from the Brooklinen sale and complete the refresh.

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