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In Honor of Sleep Week, Get a Rare 20% Off Olly Sleep Products

Shop supplements targeting immunity, muscle recovery, deep sleep and more.

olly sleep gummies and tablets on tray

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There are few things more important than getting a good night's sleep when it comes to our daily health. And that's what Sleep Awareness Week is all about — and as a bonus, it brings some of the best sales of the year on mattresses, bedding and other sleep products, like melatonin supplements. For those of us who need a little extra help sticking to our bedtime, these products can be a game changer, especially when they come from a high-quality brand like Olly. From now until March 19, the brand known for its delicious (and nutritious) gummy vitamins and supplements is giving shoppers 20 percent off its sleep products with the code SLEEP23, from simple melatonin blends to supplements promoting relaxation and recovery.

Olly Sleep Blackberry Zen

$11.19 (20% off)

Olly Muscle Recovery Sleep

$12.79 (36% off)

Olly Immunity Sleep

$11.12 (21% off)

If downing some candy-like gummies before bed isn't your thing, the brand also sells soft gels and newly-released fast-dissolving tablets. And if you're ready to commit to a new supplement routine, you can also save a little bit by subscribing for delivery every one, two or three months. Plus, you can also opt for refill pouches over plastic bottles to get a little more bang for your buck.

Olly Ultra Strength Sleep Softgels

$15.99 (20% off)

Olly Fast Dissolves Relaxing Sleep

$8.79 (20% off)

Olly also sells a melatonin blend for kids (in gummy form, of course) as well as some extra strength sleep options (in gummy, soft gel and tablet form) for adults who need a little extra help. Just remember that the discount only applies to sleep products, and don't forget that code at checkout.


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