In 2015, Nobull entered the market as a brand focused on providing clothing and footwear for the CrossFit community. At the time, other brands within the CrossFit space were trying to outdo one another by incorporating all the latest and greatest innovation into their shoes. This made for footwear that had all the tech of a Tesla but didn’t always deliver in the box.

"We were tired of brands saying ‘wear our product and you will run faster and jump higher.’ We thought that was bullshit. The only thing that will make you fitter is you, working hard, day after day."

Nobull recognized this issue and took a different approach. Instead of adding multiple components based on the wide variety of exercises athletes had to tackle, they adopted a minimalist design. Although the construction was simple, it still provided high-quality functionality and a cool appearance (so many colorways!), winning over the CrossFit community and quickly becoming a popular choice among athletes.

“When we started Nobull in 2015, we were both really into CrossFit and decided to launch a training brand in that community,” recalls Nobull co-founder Marcus Wilson (referring to himself and co-founder Michael Schaeffer). “We were tired of brands saying ‘wear our product and you will run faster and jump higher.’ We thought that was bullshit. We like to say that our gear won’t make you fitter. The only thing that will make you fitter is you, working hard, day after day. It’s that mentality that resonates so much with CrossFitters.”

two men sitting in a store
Nobull co-founders Wilson (left) and Schaeffer have never wavered in their no-nonsense vision for the brand.

True to its name, there was literally no b.s. behind the Boston-based brand. With years of experience working for Reebok under their belts, Wilson and Schaeffer so successfully paired utilitarian products with a connection to the community that Nobull grew to become the title sponsor of the CrossFit Games. (That competition’s former sponsor? Starts with an R and ends with K.)

Beyond CrossFit

But that’s not all. Nobull’s no-nonsense attitude and design has enabled it to expand its product line to include apparel and shoes for other sports, too. Now, on the foundation of meteoric growth within the CrossFit community, Nobull has not only become one of the most popular athletic brands among fitness enthusiasts but also is expanding into other major sports markets including a couple of properties that might surprise you: the PGA Tour and the NFL.

“Nobull products have not only been designed to be highly durable, but also highly functional across a wide variety of movements. This allows us to grow into new categories and build relationships across different sports.”

No joke. In 2022, Nobull became the official training apparel and footwear partner of the PGA Tour, developing clothing and gear to pros across the country. The partnership was actually a pretty natural fit, as many golfers incorporate CrossFit-style training into their routines to improve their strength and mobility.

Then, earlier this year, Nobull bagged an even bigger fish, announcing a partnership with the NFL to become the official training partner of the NFL Combine, providing equipment and apparel for the annual pre-draft scouting event. This was a significant step for Nobull, as it marked the brand’s first major partnership with a professional team sport — and a massive one at that. The move also aligned with the company's values of providing high-quality gear for athletes of all levels, whether they are training for a local CrossFit competition or preparing for the NFL Combine.

This step followed naturally from some forward-thinking moves last year, when the brand inked NIL deals with a number of college football stars, including Bryce Young, the Heisman Trophy-winning Alabama QB who wound up as the No. 1 pick in last month's NFL draft. The brand is now also teaming up with guys you'll likely see on Sundays this fall, including new Tennessee QB Will Levis and Dallas running back Deuce Vaughn.

deuce vaughn practicing on a football field
Nobull now helps gridiron athletes (like Deuce Vaughn) prep for everything from the NFL Combine to their next flag football game.

“Nobull products have not only been designed to be highly durable, but also highly functional across a wide variety of movements,” explains Schaeffer. “This allows us to grow into new categories and build relationships across different sports.”

Nobull's growth as a sports brand is a testament to its unfussy approach to fitness and training. Its apparel and footwear are designed to withstand the rigors of intense workouts and provide the support and functionality that athletes need to perform their best. Through these new partnerships with major sports leagues, the brand has expanded its reach and influence far beyond the CrossFit community.

The Name’s the Game

“Nobull celebrates the hard work athletes put in every day as they train for their respective sports,” says Wilson. “We want to create experiences that allow athletes to perform their best. That came to life at the NFL Combine with our prospect experience, which included personalized lockers with concierge service, a private training space and a dedicated recovery area.”

This example points to the fact that Nobull’s success is about more than products: it's also about the brand’s commitment to its customers. “It’s all in the name,” says Schaeffer. “Nobull means no bullshit. It is in our DNA to be straightforward, which allows us to stay true to ourselves. We trust that our partners truly understand what it means to be Nobull, and that we can grow together to celebrate hard work, no excuses.”

That dedication to the end user is evident in loyalty programs and exceptional customer service, which have helped Nobull build a devoted following of athletes and fitness enthusiasts across sports.

a man golfing
Tune in to the PGA Championship over the next few days and you may see some Nobull gear in action on the links. (Keep an eye out for Scott Stallings, a three-time PGA event winner the brand has been sponsoring since 2021.)

“Our relationship with CrossFit is so strong because we are so close to the consumer and the community,” explains Wilson. “As we grow with the NFL and the PGA Tour, we are also getting introduced to new communities who train. We are building collaborative relationships within all of our partnerships, similar to what we’ve done with CrossFit.”

As Nobull continues to grow and expand its reach, it will be exciting to see what the future holds. From its fitness roots to its involvement with major sports leagues, Nobull has established itself as a top player in the sports performance industry, and there is no doubt it will continue to make an impact in the years to come.

Not bad for the little CrossFit brand that could.

6 Golf and NFL Nobull Products We Love

Nobull Blended Merino Wool ¼-Zip

Whether on the golf course or in the gym, Nobull's Blended Merino Wool ¼-Zip is a versatile and comfortable option. Featuring a blend of merino wool and nylon, it is breathable, moisture-wicking and odor-resistant. The slim fit design fits comfortably enough to move in, yet snugly enough to look sharp.

Nobull Tour Pant

Designed with both performance and comfort in mind, these pants can take you from the office to the course in style. The tapered, tailored fit is not too athleisure for a day at the office, while the four-way stretch material provides the flexibility you need to hit ’em straight and long enough to wow your co-workers on the course.

Nobull Gore-Tex RipStop Golf Shoe

This golf shoe looks good enough to pass off as a regular sneaker you can wear around town, yet at the same time offers the comfort and stability you need to play 18. A 100 percent waterproof Gore-Tex membrane keeps your feet dry in damp weather, RipStop material enhances durability and a wide base provides the stability you need for big swings.

Nobull NFL Combine Tee

The NFL Combine tee is designed for high-performance fitness endeavors. Its textured knit fabric is plenty comfortable and provides added levels of durability and style. Breathable, moisture-wicking fabric ensures you stay cool and dry during intense workouts, too.

Nobull NFL Combine Zip-Up Hoodie


This high-quality polyester/Spandex hooded sweatshirt is designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Its zip-front design makes it easy to put on and take off, while the soft and cozy interior lining keeps you warm during cold-weather workouts.

NFL Combine Textured Knit Short 7”

Not unlike the hoodie, these well-constructed shorts feature a blend of polyester and Spandex that provides optimal breathability and range of motion. Their textured knit fabric also adds durability and style, making it a great option for any training session or workout.