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Misen Finally Does Nonstick Cookware, and 3 Other Cool New Home Releases

The best home products released in early May, including Misen's new nonstick cookware collection.

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Misen Nonstick Cookware

misen nonstick cookware

Misen has entered the nonstick cookware chat. The direct-to-consumer cookware brand launched its nonstick cookware project on Kickstarter last year, when it earned $1.4 million across 6,000 backers. Now the line is available through the brand's website, with products ranging from a classic nonstick fry pan to a nonstick stock pot.

The PFOA-free nonstick surface, like any nonstick coating, won't last forever, but the brand trusts that its offerings will last between four to five years.

Price: $55+


Brightland’s Castelvetrano

brightland’s castelvetrano
Victoria Morris

I will never stop raving about expensive olive oil, especially when it's from Brightland. The pantry staple brand has a new Paragon collection, in which Brightland offers small-batch olive oil from small craft producers.

The first launch of the collection is Castelvetrano, which is made of handpicked, estate-grown Nocellara del Belice olives, which come from Paso Robles, California. There are fewer than 1,200 bottles of this, so you better scoop up one (or many) as soon as you can.

Price: $40


Craighill Match Striker

craighill match striker

Ditch the ugly Zippo lighter for Craighill's new match striker. Made of cast iron, the match striker serves as a both a vessel for our strike anywhere match and a place to strike your matches (hence the name).

Price: $38


Material Kitchen The Forever Peeler

material kitchen the forever peeler
material kitchen the forever peeler

Anyone who's ever had to peel a potato knows that the vegetable peeler you use can mean the difference between a horrible time and a not-so-horrible time. Material released a new vegetable peeler, which has a replaceable blade so you don't have to toss the whole thing when it's lost its edge. And it comes in three exceptional colors, so you'll really never want to throw this thing away.

      Price: $28

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